Most Common Types of Students You Will Meet in College

By: Sr vini

The student population in college is a blend of all types of people. You meet admirable characters and extremists you would never want to associate with. It is how you interact with these types of students that will define your overall college experience. 

You must make friends on campus. Unfortunately, you do not determine the type of students you will meet. However, making friends on campus requires a balance and blend of all types of students found in college. 

Here are the main types of students you will find on campus. 

Former high schoolmates

College students come from high schools. It is, therefore, possible to find a few students from your former high school pursuing different courses in the same college. Some may be seniors while others are peers. 

Former high school mates help you to settle faster. You have comfortable company to explore the environment and lead you to familiar places. You do not struggle to make new friends or suffer from loneliness. 

You may also find friends you met in high school but were not necessarily in the same class. They may be from your neighborhood or you made friends during school activities. It is a chance to grow your friendship in another environment. 

While it is exciting to find familiar friends, you should look beyond. They might stop you from making new friends, and in the process, limit your social circle. Keep familiar friends close but hunt for new networks to enjoy a new experience. 

Working professionals

Some of the students are already employed. They work online or have taken jobs nearby. Some work over evenings while others take up jobs on weekends. 

Working professionals have found a way to manage their assignments. They buy custom research paper online to create time for work or running businesses. Through the help of online assistants, they can have free time to work, care for families, rest, and attend a few classes. 

Network with these students to enhance your employability. The students know how to get a job without experience and will also assist you to balance work and studies. By joining the working league, you will have more money at your disposal to enjoy your college life. 


Some students know that they came to college to study. You will always find them in the library or attending lectures. Their conversations center around academic work. 

Bookworms wonder why you are not studying as hard. They panic about pending classwork and will rarely join you for social activities. They look for the latest books and will attend all symposiums or exhibitions about education. 

Bookworms are resourceful friends to have on campus. They will organize your study group to help you to complete assignments or revise for exams. They also know the latest apps and reference materials to use for your academic work. They also volunteer to do the most work during assignments. It is an asset to have a bookworm among your friends. 

Do not transform into a bookworm if it is not your study character. Appreciate the fact that each student has a unique study method. Join them when it is appropriate but do not be drawn into their study habit if it does not work for you. 

Never on campus 

Some students will rarely be on campus. They are on a trip, chasing a business, accompanying a friend, running errands, or just away from campus for whatever reason. Interestingly, the students still manage to complete assignments. They may also appear top of the class despite prolonged absentia. 

Never-on-campus students are extremely resourceful. They will introduce you to networks and activities that enrich your college experience. For instance, you may find a student who has taken a job and is following some of the classes remotely. Another may have joined college sporting teams. 

It is very tempting to follow such students. The trips come with adventure and may also generate money. However, follow such students cautiously. Some may be excellent learners who do not need to spend the entire day in class to understand the concepts taught. If you need physical learning and more time in the library to understand the concepts taught, excessive extracurricular activities or time off-campus might not work for you. 


Some of the biggest businesses in the world started in college. Students today have numerous opportunities to start profitable businesses. Some of the most viable businesses in college include online stores and delivery services. 

Befriend students already learning businesses to learn a few tricks. You may also be a partner in their businesses. You will also learn a few tricks about balancing entrepreneurship with the school. 

Colleges offer a blend of all imaginable personalities and types of students. Network and make friends with all types of students to enhance your experience. Each type of student has a new experience or insight to add to your life. Do not miss them.