Lost Ark PvE Class Tier List: What Are The Best Classes For The PvE?

By: Sr vini

Lost Ark is coming out very soon and we suspect that you are already trying to determine which class will be your favorite class, the one you will be able to play at a high level of PVE content and that will make you vibrate as much as it will be useful to the group. We, therefore, offer you a Tier List ranging from the classic S to the infamous C (we will not go down further for the moment) to allow you to get an idea of the forces in power in the different classes of Lost Ark.

The fine flower of Lost Ark. The best classes to play are in this top, discover them without further delay!


Bard (Mage Class)

A support class par excellence, the Bard is a healer with several assets to carry out its primary mission: to keep you alive. Shields and advantages, as well as penalties placed on opponents, the Bard will be an indispensable ally in your group!

Pistolancer (Warrior Class)

Acting as a Tank without having the same shape as traditional Tanks, the Gunslinger will be able to take large amounts of damage, but also control creatures. If the Tank is primarily used to take damage, having a control option is important, this is what makes the Gunslinger a very good Tanking option.

Paladin (Warrior Class)

Does everyone know the principle of the Paladin? Are we good? A hybrid class that’s both tanky and supportive. Lost Ark, therefore, offers a class of this kind which you can work through its main branch which is that of the Warrior. As in most MMOs, the Paladin is also a very good DPS, enough to make this class essential in your group and also a good class to farm Lost Ark gold in-game.


A bit less popular than Tier S, these classes are just as useful to your group and allow for a wide variation in gameplay.

Fusilier (Sharpness Class)

Excellent DPS, without being as tanky as the Franc Tireur, the Fusilier class is a major asset to your group. Among the most effective DPS in Lost Ark, you can therefore enjoy a very nervous style of play that does not cut corners on the classicism of its genre.

Sorceress (Mage Class)

We could put it on the same level as the Fusilier class, however, the Witch class is undoubtedly THE BEST. Mages have always been the best DPS in MMORPG style games, Lost Ark is no different from the others since it makes the witch its best DPS!

Essentialist (Martialism Class)

Another very well-ranked Lost Ark DPS class: www.utplay.com/news/2201–lost-ark-best-dps-classes–builds–top-3-highest-damage-pve–pvp-builds, a little less powerful than the Sorceress or the Riflewoman, the Essentialist however has an additional advantage over the two previous classes, it is its ability to take damage. If its DPS is lower than the other classes, its ability to withstand makes it a DPS with a longer lifespan than the others.

Berserker (Warrior Class)

Coming from the Warrior branch, the Berserker is a classic always acclaimed by players. Powerful, inflicting monstrous damage, especially in melee, this CAC DPS is THE most appreciated DPS by players. Easy to play, the Berserker is a class that will easily be placed in a group, alongside the Witch for a distance DPS and CAC with small onions.

Relentless Salvo (Sharpness Class)

In Tier A of this Tiers List, we also find the Implacable Salvo which falls into the branch of the Marksman. Big damage over a substantial range, this class can bring a lot to your group thanks to its group damage bonus allowing you to do more damage collectively.


Not necessarily great, but not bad either. More focused on beginner players, here are classes to play without pretension but without losing the pleasure of the game all the same.

Gunner (Sharpness Class)

A very little mobile, therefore an easy target, the Gunner remains an excellent DPS. If he compensates for his lack of mobility with his damage, the fact remains that this point makes him a less good DPS than those mentioned above.

Warlock (Assassin Class)

It’s a class that we know well, completely smoked in most MMORPGs, Lost Ark retains the genre without providing it with sufficient DPS and resistance adapted to the fights that await you at a high level.

Spirit (Martalist Class)

The Spiritist is very difficult to play to get the best out of it. Among the best DPS in the game, it is this difficulty that places it at this rank. However, if you manage to play this class correctly, then you will be a major asset in your group in terms of damage in particular.

Pugilist (Martialist Class)

The Martialist class is frankly friendly as a whole, but its Pugilist version is not very powerful, not very resistant moreover. It nevertheless retains the liveliness and fluidity one would expect from the class.


We fall into the bottom of the basket. These classes are not very interesting at a high level of PVE but they are however playable without bringing a big impact to the group.

Bladeblue (Assassin Class)

Its DPS is quite low but its crowd control is quite violent, despite this, it does not enter the top of the basket because of its too low DPS.

Elementalist (Martialism Class)

Strong in placing bonuses on his allies, the Elementalist does not however have a DPS of madness even if this variant of the Martialist class can control his opponents just as important as the Bloodblade.

Sniper (Sniper Class)

The Franc Tireur is the Low-Cost version of the Fusilière. So take this class placed in Tier A and tell yourself that you will do the same but with much less impact and with much less mobility. Its place is therefore here, at the very bottom of the ranking.