Different Types of Human Hair Weave Bundles: Virgin Hair, Remy Hair, Brazilian Hair & More

By: Sr vini

Do you want to learn more about Hair Weave Bundles? In this post from professional hair company:Honesthairfactory.com, you’ll learn about the many types of human hair weaves and their advantages.

In general, the cheaper the hair, the harder it is to touch, the more it tangles, the more it comes out, the more uncomfortable it might be, and the more likely it was not well washed before being packed. So hair is here with the best hair weave (virgin quality texture) at an inexpensive price for you.

Black women’s hair has a variety of textures. Fortunately, practically every texture may be accommodated by a range of textures and weave types. Brazilian weave, Indian weave, Peruvian weave, and Malaysian weave are all superior to human hair in terms of appearance.

Human Hair Weaving: There Are Several Types

Each type of human hair weave has its own texture and can be found in a variety of wave patterns, such as straight, wavy, deep, or tight waves.

1. Virgin hair

Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically treated or changed. The hair is in its original state, with cuticles that are unbroken and flow in the same direction. Virgin hair can be bleached, dyed, and treated just like your own.

2. Remy Hair 

Remy hair has all of its cuticles pointing in the same direction. It varies from virgin hair in that it has been chemically treated for color or texture, but the cuticle has not been damaged, allowing the hair to remain tangle-free.

3. Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair(www.honesthairfactory.com/premium-raw-brazilian-hair) is soft, silky, lustrous, and long-lasting. One of the best textures for African American ladies is Brazilian hair. They’re a little thicker and coarser than Indian hair, but they’re still stunning.

Brazilian curly hair is the most popular; its curls last a long time and have a unique sheen. The greatest human hair weave for black women’s hair is Brazilian weave. Brazilian hair is silky, lustrous, and full of body.

4. Peruvian Hair 

Peruvian hair is silky, thicker, and luscious, which is a cross between Brazilian and Indian hair; it has the coarseness of Brazilian hair but retains a small amount of the silkiness of Indian hair. It all comes together to create this lovely bouncy hair.

Peruvian textured hair(www.honesthairfactory.com/peruvian-virgin-hair) is light, flowing, and luxurious. This hair looks great with both relaxed and natural African American hair and medium and coarse Caucasian hair.

5. Malaysia Hair

Airy, softer, and thicker are some of the characteristics of Malaysia Hair. Malaysian hair is extremely silky and has a lot of body. The relaxed textures of African American ladies complement Malaysian hair the best.

6. Indian Hair 

Indian hair is one of the greatest forms of hair weaves since it is thick, bouncy, and light. They have the thickest texture and can be styled in a multitude of ways, including straight, wavy, and curly.

Indian hair is incredibly textured and has a natural sheen, so it can suit most ladies.

Honest Hair Factory‘s Brazilian weaves are of the highest quality, made entirely of natural human hair. They can be curled, straightened, colored, and bleached.