On whether CCIE certification must have English skills

By: Sr vini

On whether CCIE certification must have English skills

Hello everyone!

I am Mr. Da, a CCIE instructor of Qianyitang and a gold medal lecturer in CCIE training.

This blog is written by the exclusive title of Mr. Da of Qianyitang. The material comes from the daily work of Qianyitang and the stories of Mr. Da and the CCIEs around him.

I want to learn the Internet, but my brain is dumb, can I learn it well?

I’m so old now, is it too late for me to learn Internet?

My English is not very good. Can I take the CCIE exam all you need? I heard that the exam questions are all in English?  

Well, let’s analyze the above questions first.

Feeling stupid and worried about not being able to learn things is like every rookie yearns for a happy life with tall, rich, handsome/white, rich and beautiful people. However, you will never change your original intention, because if you don’t fight for it, Cinderella will take everything that belongs to you, and the Frog Prince will always be just a frog. 

I’m worried that I’m too old, and I’m afraid that everything is too late. There are more than 30, more than 40, and it is no exaggeration to say that there are even fifty-year-old students here. Regarding this issue, I will summarize it in a few sentences. Readers can decide for themselves.

First, a prodigal who returns is more precious than gold.

Second, it’s better for you to realize your mistake and try your best to correct it. 

Third, if I say it’s too late, will you stop learning? If your answer is yes, then I lose;

So, let’s talk about the last topic-is it necessary to have English skills for CCIE exam certification?

In our opinion, poor English does not affect the CCIE certification.

The trainees born in the 80s and 90s are the main group. I am not familiar with the post-90s world. As a post-80s, I want to tell you aloud that poor English does not affect my CCIE certification.

My first contact with English was on the Xiaobawang learning machine. Because there is a game called “Contra”

? 1 player

2 players

If you don’t understand this, then either you are not born in the 80s, or you came to study when you were of the right age, then your English is definitely better than me, so you don’t need to continue reading;

For the post-90s, I believe that the common English vocabulary in their minds must be rich more than those of the post-80s, such as shopping, goodbye, see U, etc., who would have it?

Just like what Mr. Lu Xun wrote, there is no way in the world, and if there are more people walking, it becomes a way. For English, you may not know what brunch means, but you definitely know what hello means.

Do you know what CCIE means? Let me translate, Cisco Certified Internet Expert. For an expert, they can always face a problem and give a solution, especially when they don’t know the answer.

Talk about a case, he almost didn’t even know English, but he successfully passed the CCIE certification.

President Du is the highlight of Qianyitang CCIE Security Laboratory. He came to Beijing from his hometown to study in the summer and autumn seasons of 2015. In 2016, he successfully and smoothly passed and obtained the title of CCIE Security Expert.

Mr. Du was a contractor before and did engineering work. He doesn’t understand the Internet or English. For him, all the 26 English letters knew him, but he didn’t know any of them.

My first impression of him was that he was very funny, and after about a month of study, someone told him that he shouldn’t have studied the Internet. Mr. Du worked hard and came to the laboratory after work every day to watch videos and do experiments.

I have a deep memory of the time when he was preparing for the exam. At that time, I was also preparing for another CCIE exam of mine. I left the laboratory at one or two in the morning almost every day. President Du is like me. When do I leave and when does he leave. In his words: Even if you don’t know this English, you don’t know any of them. Staring at them every day for a few months, you will know them finally

His words are right, we haven’t eaten pork, haven’t we seen a pig running?

Let me talk about my personal experience. My English proficiency is very, very average. According to the evaluation of some professional English training institutions, I am at the level of middle school students. In the first study, everyone watched videos, read books, and did experiments. To be honest, there are too many tools available now, when you encounter a word that you don’t know, just click on it. Everyone always knows this. To speak my English, I like to watch American TV series, especially science fiction and spy wars. Most boys like them Ten years ago, I watched more than 1,000 episodes of American dramas (of course with dual subtitles in Chinese and English, dubbed in English). Even if I don’t know how to say it, I don’t understand it, after a long time, how can it be? Of course, I don’t recommend that everyone has the same hobbies as me. I love this thing, and I can’t force everyone like me. But you can gain knowledge of English and accumulate English words in many other ways. Languages ​​are like swimming or riding a bicycle. Once you learn it, you won’t forget it. We haven’t heard of anyone who can’t speak suddenly, right? 

CCIE certification, in the final analysis, is an applied science, not a high-tech. English is indeed an essential skill for a network engineer, whether you want to obtain certification from Cisco, Huawei, or any other manufacturer. After all, the latest technical literature is written in English, but for our daily study, experimentation, and future extended reading, you only need to be able to use an English dictionary.

Dragon gave birth to nine sons, each of which was different. A hundred people, all graduate from the same university, can you guarantee that they are all English majors at level 8?

In Qianyitang, even if your English is not very well or even you don’t know a single letter, you can still get the CCIE certification smoothly.

So let’s think about it from another perspective and ask a few questions from the perspective of the students:

Q: Is the class in English or Chinese?

Answer: Teaching in Chinese

Q: Is the courseware in English or Chinese?

Answer: It is a combination of Chinese and English, both English and Chinese. Our lecturers will carefully prepare many courseware to be bilingual in Chinese and English, just like you are watching an American drama, in both languages. Even in class, some key words will be specially translated what they mean.

Q: Is the exam in English? What would I do?

Answer: The CCIE exam is in English, yes, but don’t worry. We will mark the exam questions specifically to help everyone learn, understand, and remember. In the preparation stage of the CCIE LAB exam, one-to-one CCIE tutors will even help you understand word by word, ensuring that you will not feel confused during the exam.

CCIE is an applied science, a survival skill, and a long-cherished wish in your heart. It is the girl you have a crush on for a long time.

So, you should be willing to make some efforts for it, learn to use some translation for CCIE, and learn to experiment tirelessly. Over time, you will remember these words, and you will find it’s that simple.

Just like, you must be willing to stay up all night for your first love, run five kilometers and buy her favorite snacks.

Really, just remember the English letters after a few permutations and combinations. You must be willing to do this for your CCIE certificate.

Thank you all!

I am Mr. Da, a CCIE instructor of Qianyitang and a gold medal lecturer in CCIE training.

This blog is written by the exclusive title of Mr. Da of Qianyitang. The material comes from the daily work of Qianyitang and the stories of Mr. Da and the CCIEs around him.