How to Tell If Your Dog Is Happy

By: Sr vini

Do you ever wish that your dog could just tell you exactly how they feel? Instead, we are left guessing and hoping that our furry friends are as content as we think them to be. As it turns out, there are a few different ways that our dogs are using their body language to communicate their approval to us. Here are a few different ways that your dog is letting you know they are happy.

Your Pup Greets You at the Door

Does your dog jump for joy when you open the door to come home at night? That is a pretty good indication of their feelings about you. This is one way that your dog lets you know that they are happy to have you in their life. On the other hand, if your dog is cowering in the corner when you arrive, it is time to be concerned.

They Show Their Belly to You

Experts agree that when a dog exposes their belly to you, it is a sign of trust. Logically, they are looking for you to rub them on the stomach, which is a vulnerable area. Take the opportunity to pet your pup for a few minutes and show them how much you care.

They Enjoy a Good Cuddle

Do you let your dog come up onto the couch or the bed? If so, see if they immediately come over and curl up next to you. Dogs are socially inclined and enjoy sleeping next to the people that they love and trust the most.

They Like to Lean

Just like the song says, lean on me. Your dog wants to be closer to you, so he leans on you. This act is similar to cuddling, it is just done when you are standing up. Your doggie is definitely happy if they are leaning on you for love and support.

They Have a Healthy Appetite

If your dog is ready and willing when it comes to eating their meals, this is a sign that they are happy and healthy. If your dog ever seems to be uninterested in eating, then it is time to become concerned. Your dog could be stressed out, anxious or sick. Visiting your vet is recommended if your dog ever begins to not care much about eating.

They Are Running Around Like Crazy

Is your canine running around in circles? Perhaps they just can’t contain their excitement! They might just need to find a way to burn off some extra energy. Why not take this opportunity to play fetch with them or engage in some other type of fun activity? When a canine is left alone at home, it might get stolen and wounded by the other stray animals. So choose the best electric dog fence for your dog’s security.

They Are Wagging Their Entire Body

Many people believe that if a dog is wagging its tail, that means they are happy. However, that isn’t always true. Dogs can also wag their tail when they are nervous or agitated as well. To know your dog is truly happy, wait for the times when you see your dog wagging his entire body at you.

Final Thought

Perhaps the best way to know if your dog is happy is to look him or her in the eyes. If they lovingly look back at you, this shows how much they love and trust you.