Your Pets Deserve The Best

By: Sr vini

For centuries,  pets and animals in general have been adored and in many cases worshipped and owners would do anything to make their lives better, more comfortable, and of the highest quality they could afford. And it remains the same in today’s times. 

We love our animals, irrespective of the breed or type we have, and would essentially do anything for them. 

Why then do a certain demographic in modern times turn up their noses at anything concerning nutrition that isn’t backed by large corporations or has been created by an individual who prefers to consider an all-natural and organic ingredients meal plan to nourish their pet? People are quick to judge but if you have been considering healthier alternatives to the generic supermarket brands of pet food then you have come to the right place.

Making a change.

There is no right or wrong way to care for your animal if you stick to the basics, of course, extreme cases are an absolute no if it is to the detriment of any parties involved, but the fundamentals are pretty simple. Thus making a dietary change when you feel it would be to your dogs’ advantage is a must and if you are looking to Mother Nature then all the better.

Many people have found themselves in your situation, wanting more for their furry family member, and essentially boosting their quality of life without the use of chemical-filled foods. Thankfully, as queries and requests increased across the globe creatives began to listen and take notice and the world of healthy pet foods has significantly increased. 

If you have given this a thought but have no idea where to begin or which brands are better than the next then fear not, you are not alone in this thinking. You want to incorporate food ingredients from companies who pride themselves in products well-made and with your animal’s best interests in mind, business such as Holistapet have come to understand the concern pet owners bring to the table and have stepped up to the plate. 

You want products that have no preservatives, have been produced and grown using ethical harvesting practices, and a company that has nothing to hide will be more than happy to share this information with you if it isn’t already on their company webpage.

Your pet’s diet has a big impact on their lives, they have a renewed energy, their coats, and fur look and feel healthier, and neighbors will soon be stopping you on the sidewalk as you go for your daily dog walks to ask what has changed. You will be the talk of the village, win-win.

The natural option.

One thing that is on the lips of dog owners and pet owners, in general, is the use of herbs and plants in their four-legged friend’s meal plan.

We tend to think that using herbs is just for human consumption when in fact there are plants that are highly beneficial to animals’ lifestyles and dietary requirements, one such being CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. This humble plant compound is extracted from the Hemp plant and is manufactured into a multitude of products.

It reacts well with the endocannabinoid system in the animals due to having similar receptors and thus makes it efficient for absorption into the system and getting to work quickly. The long list of positives of this flowering plant compound increases daily and could be the saving grace you have been looking for when it comes to making a change for the better in your fur balls diet.

The plus side.

You may be skeptical, and this is understandable, but when you begin to look closer and do the initial research into the ingredient as you would with any new product, you start seeing it for the potential it has to offer.

CBD does more than just boost your pup’s energy or make your dog look like it is ready to take on the pageant world without looking back, it has a long list of internal physical and mental benefits which may come as a surprise to you. Let’s take a quick look at a few of them.

  • Anti-depressant. Certain breeds don’t do well being left alone for long periods and tend to look for entertainment in the form of eating through your new shoes or tackling the fluff in the sofa. To keep your pup’s mood light if you have to be at the office longer than usual that evening, add CBD to their food bowl, it enhances their overall morale and they will be somewhat content until you come home.

You may not be the first working family with the occasional long hours at work, but people manage and have done so successfully for many years.

  • Appetite loss. Like us when new food is introduced and it doesn’t sit well we prefer not to eat it, the same goes for dogs and trying new recipes. While you might be excited to get the ball rolling on your new CBD journey be sure to make small changes to their diets and introduce new meals and treats gradually. Thankfully CBD is highly versatile so it can be used in both cooked and baked foods.

There is something for every dog and all breeds and using natural ingredients will only benefit them, be proud of yourself for giving them that added quality of life.