notify discover of travel | How Do I Notify My Discover Card For Travel?

By: Sr vini

Here’s how to set a Discover card travel notice:
Log in to your Discover account.
Click on the “Manage” tab.
Click on “Travel Notification.”
Enter the dates you’ll be away and where you’ll be traveling.
Submit your notification.

How do I notify discover of travel?

You can set a Discover card travel notice by logging into your account or calling Discover customer service at 1-800-347-2683. A travel notice ensures that when Discover sees purchases made in unusual locations using your credit or debit card, they won’t get suspicious and suspend your account for fraud.

How do I notify my credit card of travel?

If you’re traveling abroad, don’t forget to set-up a travel alert with your credit card issuer. Because often times they’ll disable your card if they suspect fraudulent activity. You can always call the number on the back of the card to set up a trip notification, but some cards will let you submit an alert online!

Do I need to tell Discover Im traveling?

You can notify the Discover customer service department of your travel plans by calling them, or by entering the dates of your trip online when you log into your account at In addition, you should be thoughtful when a merchant offers to let you pay in U.S. dollars with your credit card.

Can I use my Discover card internationally?

You can use your U.S. Discover card in many countries abroad to make purchases or withdraw cash. However, Discover cards aren’t universally accepted, so it’s a good idea to check before you go, if your destination is covered by this network.