How to Understand the Real Meaning of “Significant” in English

By: Sr vini

Meaning of Significant in English

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out what a word in the dictionary actually means and how it is used in English? If so, this article can help! It breaks down what significant means and provides examples of when it would be used in the English language.

What does significant mean in english?

Significant means a lot. It’s a word that is often used to describe something important or significant. It can also mean important, significant, or make a lot of sense. Significant means important or influential. It is used in a variety of contexts, such as significant events and significant changes. The term can be used to refer to the meaning of the word itself, such as “significant meaning,” or it can refer to something that has significance like a significant achievement.

How to use significant in a sentence

As an adjective, significant means “having the power to make an impression”. As a noun, it means “something found in scientific experiments”. The word is also used in sentences to mean that something did not change or did not have any impact. The word significant has a few different meanings in English. To be significant is to make a difference, while to be significant is to be important. This blog discusses the various meanings of this word and how it’s used in a sentence.

Significant vs. important

The word “significant” is the most misused word in the English language. It is often translated into Spanish as importante, but what gives one word meaning can take away from the other. For the first, you would use significant if the following phrases are true: “He is significantly improved” or “She is significantly shorter”. For the second, you would use important, as in “The importance of this point cannot be overemphasized.” A significant announcement can be considered to be more important than an important announcement. For example, if the bank announces that it will offer a potential business loan, this could be deemed as a significant event. On the other hand, an important announcement could be something like the release of new products or services by a company.


To be significant is to mean something important and/or to have an impact. To be significant is to stand out, and it can be seen as a positive or negative thing.