With numerous games in 2021, Minecraft is still a priority game for various players in the gaming era. Of course, there are millions of monthly players, but still, Minecraft is at the top of the list of gamers. Do you know the reason? Well, it is evident that Minecraft is not letting its users feel bored with the games. When their players feel this way, they can try another server or gaming map to get a new experience in the Minecraft game.

Minecraft is popular because it is a simple game to understand but needs you to use your brain to grow in the game. This is a game that is always playable, and no player gets the feeling of boredom. It is because Minecraft offers several types of servers. These servers offer different kinds of game modes to the player. As a result, players’ interest in continuing in Minecraft decreases. You can also take it as a reason behind the popularity of Minecraft Survival Servers. Below we have discussed a number of excellent Minecraft survival mode servers that you should try out.

1. Survivewithus-

Such a server for Minecraft came into the world in 2018 and is still updated by Minecraft in 2021. It has proven to be among the best Minecraft survival servers and an excellent place for quality multiplayer gaming. 

This is the server developed by the development team of Minecraft to reward players who are skilled in survival-related activities in the Minecraft game.

2. Purple Prison-

Purple Prison is among the survival servers, which is the first preference of various gamers whenever they want to try a Minecraft game. These servers dominate the other survival servers in Minecraft because such servers offer a thrilling survival mode to the player. 

You will have to free yourself from the prison by beating the game mode on these survival servers, and players can create gangs, towns, etc.

3. Lush Survival-

Lush Survival is among the Minecraft Survival Servers that are a complete package. Whoever loves survival mode must consider trying this. It is packed with thoughtfulness for the modern era because of its updated design features

In this server of Minecraft, players have to collect diamonds in order to buy anything. It is because diamonds act as a form of payment instead of dollars. So players build shops after paying for diamonds.