How to load electric staple guns

By: Sr vini

How to load electric staple guns

With so much attention focused on electric staple guns and what they can do in your tasks, have you ever considered how to load one? Having or learning the right tips on loading your electric staple gun can improve your speed and the overall work rate, thus summarizing your project into a quality finished piece. This guide will help you load your electric staple gun and give you some safety tips when using or loading your new staple gun.

Tips on How to Safely Load any Staple Gun

  • The first step in any staple gun is to locate the pusher pin or rod, then find the small indentations either on the shaft or on both sides at the back of the gun.
  • Depress them until they release the pusher clip and then pull the clip out of the shaft rod. Ensure you remove the clip rod and place it in a secure place.
  • Grab the fastener and slide them into the shooting chamber, and this will force the legs to move downwards. Push the shaft to the front area, hold the pusher, and reinsert it to the shooting chamber.

Different types of Staple guns and how to Load them

1. Manual Staple Gun

Not all staple guns are electric; some are automatic guns, and others are the old versions, just like the manual cars in the market. If your staple gun is the manual model, here are some of the tips you can follow and ensure you have an easy time loading your gun.

a) Locate the Pusher Shaft/Rod

The first step in any loading practice is identifying the staple exist point and ensuring it faces away from you. Then check out the shaft of the gun and identify the two indentations and small squares, there you should have your tiny hook located at the bottom of the gun shaft. Pull the rod out; this will allow you to have the clips free, and once they are free, 9mm Ammo and Sportsman you can remove them to give you some space for the loading.

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b) Load the Staple Magazine

Grab your staple magazine and arrange it in the gun’s chamber; always use the rails guide for accuracy and ensure all the gun’s legs face downwards. Continue sliding your magazine until you feel the resistance and they can’t move anymore. Insert the pusher shaft rod and reattach the shaft clips at the end of the lock. When closing, you might feel some resistance and tension; this is normal tension from springs holding the staples in the shooting chamber.

2. Electric Staple Gun

The second type of staple gun is the electric model, which is somehow easier to use and faster. So if your staple gun is an electric model, here are some tips on how to load and use it for your next project.

a)Unplug the Stapler Clip

The first step when it comes to an electric gun is to remove the plugs from their sockets and then fit or engage the shooting lock. You can do this by twisting it to the right or left or even pressing it towards the engaging lock.

b)Release the Staple Magazine

Just like the manual gun, locate your magazine chamber and release the holding button at the back of the gun. If you can locate them, be sure to look for two indentations on either side of the magazine chamber and then press them to release the staple magazine. Cation: When doing all this, ensure your staple gun is not connect to any active power source; always unplug all the power cords or switch off the sockets.

C)Loading the Brad and Reattaching the Tray

With your chamber in place, you can proceed to load of brad nails. Most designs have a ‘Load nails or brads’ I cone in its chamber or anything similar depending on the designer of the language; the icon has an arrow showing the direction of the arrangement. Slide the tray back to its chamber, and you are ready to use your electric gun for your tasks.

3. Pneumatic Staple Gun

Pneumatic guns get their punching and shooting power from an in-built or out-built air compressor; always ensure you detach or deactivate the air compressor first before doing anything else. So here are the easiest and secure ways to load your pneumatic air-fed gun.

Disconnect the Gun

Press the on/off or the power button at the back of the gun to deactivate the air compressor extension. Then loosen the air nose that connects the compressor and be sure to induce the trigger lock if your gun has an added extension.

a) Disconnect the Follower

The next stage is to push the lever at the front of your gun, then pull the trigger rod away from the gun to pave the way for the magazine. Here the follower shaft should slide smoothly and lock itself to its position. In most pneumatic designs, the follower is found at the front of the shooting shaft, protruding out where your staples will be fired from the staple gun. 

b) Load the staples

Just like other models, load the staples and ensure that the clips move freely, and when you engage, you will fill some tension and resistance, meaning that the clips are in place. Always ensure your staple gun moves freely and then slide the locked cage in place for extra safety and your safety.


Just like any other tool, safety is the key, and if you understand the right way of handling your staple gun, then you be a happy person when working with your gun.