Top 5 Best Golf Balls In 2021

By: Sr vini

 I bet the first thing that comes to your mind when hearing the word golf is rich. Best Golf Balls is considered one of the most expensive sports in the world, played by excessively wealthy people.

Golf is a sport where the player has to strike a small white ball with various golf clubs, and the player has to make sure that it enters the hole in the ground. The player who does it in the minimum number of strokes is declared as the winner.
This game’s inception is quite hard to trace, but historians say that it started first in the Netherlands, and then the culture of playing this game moved to Scotland.

What does the phrase ‘worst golf balls’ really mean? 

Golf gained international popularity in the 20th Century. Not much is known about its history and the venues it has been played in, but it was the first official game played in Scotland.
Besides being filthy rich, you also need to have attention, dedication, and patience for playing golf. So having the proper arsenal is an extremely important factor while playing golf.
Most of the companies make their best golf balls for the seniors. However, these golf balls can not be used by beginners. If you are a beginner, then you need proper guidance while choosing your golf balls. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best golf balls for beginners.
But hold up! Before doing that, let us take a look into some of the worst golf balls that are absolutely not suited for beginners.

5 Worst Golf Balls For Beginners in 2021

I have been playing golf for the last ten years. I love this game to the core; it’s my profession as well as my hobby. So I think I am eligible enough to talk about some of the Best Golf Balls that are not suited for beginners. Don’t for once think that these are the worst balls. These balls are just not suited for beginners.

1.    Callaway WarBird

If you are a beginner and want to play golf professionally, then do not choose this brand. Callaway WarBird is a brand for those who have some experience in playing golf as these golf balls are extremely heavy. Everyone knows this golf ball as the golf ball with the V logo. The letter’‘’’ is engraved in mustard yellow color and symbolizes a Warbird. This golf ball is extremely heavy and requires quite a lot of strength for being sent away.

2.    Nike Mojo

Another popular brand that comes to mind while speaking of the worst golf balls is Nike Mojo. No doubt Nike has made a very big impact in the sporting industry with their equipment and apparel but has failed miserably in producing good golf balls for beginners. Just like Callaway Birds, Nike Mojo is pretty heavy and requires a good amount of strength to be sent afar. If you are a beginner, try to avoid this golf ball.

3.     Top Flite

If you are a professional golf player, then you already know how noisy the click of this golf ball is. If you do not know what a click is, it is the sound you hear when you hit your club with the golf ball.
When it comes to Top Flite, the sound of the click is next to deafening. A good click should always make a pleasant sound, which is a reflection of the proper connection between the club and the golf ball.
TopFlite’ss build quality is not up to the mark and therefore makes a very unpleasant click sound. Professional players can deal with it as they have been playing golf for a long time, but it’s absolutely not suited for beginners.

4.     Precept Laddie

Famously known as Laddie, this golf ball is made out of the low stash, and furthermore, it is round. Precept laddie is one of the top manufacturers of golf balls, and the reason why their golf balls are sold in abundance is because of their low price.
Their cheap selling cost does not give them much scope for improvement in the build quality. If you are a beginner, I suggest you avoid this golf ball.

5.     Pinnacle

Pinnacle is probably the most common name on this list, which is why I have placed it at the end of the list. This brand has been around for many years, and their golf balls are mainly used by golf players that are handicapped or otherwise differently-abled.
These best golf balls are sold in packs of fifteen; the reason why they are sold in packs of fifteen is that players using these golf balls will easily lose them. Pinnacle golf balls are among the cheapest brands.
As a result, you will not get the same result as you get from using a higher-end golf ball. I don’t recommend beginners to start their career with this golf ball. 

How To Choose A Good Golf Ball?

Choosing a good golf ball for beginners is not always easy; there are some crucial factors that need to be kept in mind.

1.    Check The Spin

More often than not, beginners want a ball that has a very low spin. Balls can be designed for a low spin by maintaining a three-piece golf ball instead of two.

2.    Proper Cover

Having a thin and softer cover is an absolute necessity for making a good golf ball. Beginners prefer golf balls with at least 18 holes, but the more, the merrier.

3.    Choose Proper Dimple Design

Different manufacturers have different designs. The dimple designs help for the reduction of drag and make the ball fly straight. Beginners should always go for proper Dimple design.


If you want to make golfing your professional career, then kindly follow the tips given above. Also, make sure that you avoid the golf balls that may not be best suited for beginners. Happy Golfing!