Fabulous Ideas for Media Companies That Can Drive Traffic Using Instagram

By: Sr vini

Ideas for Media Companies That Can Drive Traffic

Four Ways Media Companies Can Use Instagram to Drive Traffic

Instagram for Business Who would have deemed that an app created for sharing visual content would become such a great marketing tool?

Instagram currently has one billion monthly active users. That’s almost three times more than Twitter! And as it has become more and more popular, Instagram has slowly added features that make it even more attractive as a social media marketing tool.

Big brands and media companies are using Instagram to communicate with their communities and to make their investment. And they hold coming back for more. One thing that is different about Instagram compared to other social media platforms is that there are very fewer ways to drive traffic to a website of your choice.

While this is not impossible, read on to get out how energetic media companies are using Instagram to drive traffic and grow their brand.


  1. Use IGTV and #LincolnBioHax to guide users to your website
    • Method One: Use IGTV Story to direct users to your link
      • Step 1: Make an IGTV video
      • Step 2: Add a title and description to your IGTV video
      • Step 3: Create an Instagram Story
    • Method 2: Use a mansion stick in your story
      • Step 1: Create your own story
      • Step 2: Add the mansion stick
      • Step Three: Use a service like Epiclikes link
      • Step 4: Put a custom Epiclikes link in your bio
  1. Leverage # hashtags
  2. Collaborate with influence and engage with followers
  3. Use IGTV to create “ads”

1. Use IGTV and #LincolnBioHax to guide users to your website

The “swipe up” feature in Instagram Stories is unluckily not available to everyone. You require more than the opportunity to succeed in the affiliate business. But you also need to have more than 10,000 followers to use this feature.

Getting a lot of followers is not an easy task, and it can take some time. But two very smart little things can still guide you to Instagram users on your web page, YouTube video, or shop front.

First of all, you can use IGTV to send users to the link of your choice. Will do For others, you will use @MentionStack and a link in your Instagram bio.

The two involve a little more effort than discussion, but it’s an effective way to attract people who want to see the link you choose.

Method 1: Use IGTV Story to direct users to your link

  • Step 1: Create an IGTV video

First, you need to create a video that you can upload to IGTV. You may want to do this from within the dedicated IGTV app, but for this purpose, we want to use it. You can do everything from Instagram.

It’s up to you – something like this video – you can record yourself by pointing upwards and to the right and asking people to click on the link. Or, you can create a “static” video pointing to the location of the arrow that you want people to click on.

Another great idea is to record your screen when you take a picture of your Instagram story.

  • Step 2: Add a title and description for your IGTV video

This is the most important part of the whole process. While you can give your video a title of your choice, it’s best to reinforce your link with a “click here for the link” or similar name.

And now the most important step – the description of your video. Here, there is no need to add any other text but the link that you want to direct the users, although it is a good idea to add something short and sweet.

The best part? This link is clickable. All the viewers have to do is tap, and whatever you want them to see goes away.

  • Step 3: Create an Instagram Story

Once you have a video uploaded to IGTV, you will see that when you create an Instagram story, you will now have the “Link” option. Don’t get too excited – you will still not be able to link to any web page. But you will be able to link your Instagram story to your favorite IGTV video.

Click on the link, add the correct IGTV video, and like magic you have a “swipe up” link to your own Instagram story.

Method 2: Use a mansion stick in your story

  • Step 1: Create your own story

This step is very simple, and we have already explained it. One difference is that you need to add a CTA to at least one video clip or photo in your story to “click here”. Where and what the CTA is referring to is up to you.

This could be your business logo or medium image. Whatever it is, it needs to be visible and, if possible, something that is going to add you a little bit in the next step will disguise the mansion sticky.

  • Step 2: Add the mansion stick

@ What Mansion Sticky does take the user to that person’s profile page. And from there – directly on the link to their bio. You will usually mention yourself in the post because you want to direct users to your profile link.

But you can also mention one of your team members, an influencer, or someone else whose geo-link you want to meet with the audience. Now you need to minimize the stock so that it is not noticed and place it over your logo, icon, or element that your CTA is pointing to.

  • Step 3: Use a service like Epiclikes Link

Instagram wants its users to stay in the Instagram app. And to help ensure that, the only place that allows you to add clickable links is in your geo. What many people do is direct visitors directly to their homepage or something similar.

What Epiclikes Link does allow you to effectively have more than one link in your Instagram bio. So now you can direct people who view your bio to your YouTube channel, a specific blog post, your homepage, or any landing page of your choice.

  • Step 4: Put the custom link in your Geo

The last step. But most importantly. First, you’ll need to create and publish your sock link. Once this is done, add your sock link to your Instagram profile. And you are done. Visitors to your Geo will now be able to choose from the links you have chosen.

2. Leverage #hashtags

Although Twitter is the most popular place for hashtags, the fact is that you can use them on any social media platform, be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

And, since people don’t necessarily follow hundreds of different accounts with such content that they are interested in, they will often follow hashtags instead.

Instagram posts can easily get lost in the sound of someone’s food. But with hashtags, those posts are always discoverable. So do some research on trending and popular hashtags and add about five to each post. By buy instagram likes uk , through Epiclikes an easy way to make your hashtags popular in short time.

Avoid common people like #marketing and choose more specific tags like #mediacompany so that your published content is not lost in the sea.

You can also use your headline to attract people to your #linking bio. Try not to make the caption too long, though. Instagram is a visual platform. People don’t go there to read small articles no matter how big you think.

3. Collaborate with influencers and engage with followers

The best way to increase your traffic with Instagram is to get more followers. And two of the easiest ways to do this is to interact with your existing followers and collaborate with influencers whose followers will be interested in your content.

User-generated content (UGC) is the easiest way to find fresh, interesting content for your own Instagram feed. Sharing, reposting, or rearranging a post, as it is known on Instagram, is not as easy as other social media platforms. But some apps let you do that. And if the original poster allows them to share their stories, you can add it to yours.

So, find a specific tag or create a unique hashtag for your brand and wait for Instagram to deliver your content. Always remember to tag the original poster in your original title or comment and include your hashtag.

You can also go to an influential person and sponsor a story or post on their feed. With the help of the Instagram, “Paid Partnership” tag, you can now influence how they present your products or services, mention you in a story, and even add a “swipe up” link to your website.

Another partner idea is an Instagram takeover. All you have to do is create a story or post for your own Instagram account, just someone else is posting it. So you share your content with their audience, potentially gaining new followers in the process.

You can also change takeover accounts. This means that someone in the relevant niche posts something on your feed that may interest your followers, while you post something on their feed.

Whether you use the official “swipe-up” feature or one of the “swipe-up” hexes – you’re putting your brand in front of new faces that no one else knows about.

4. Use IGTV to create “ads”

IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube, and the biggest thing about it is that it allows you to post videos longer than 15 seconds. The minimum length of the IGTV video is 15 seconds! Users can set up a channel and share up to an hour-long video.

Not everyone has access to such long videos before. But even people who currently have no followers can post videos up to ten seconds long. That’s usually enough to get whatever message you want to send.

You were only able to create IGTV vertical or portrait videos. 

But Instagram announced in May that it would now support landscape video as well. Many people would like to stick to the portrait format. This makes it easier to create certain types of videos.

Another way to use IGTV is to switch to one that is effectively commercial. Add a text call to the action so that visitors can see your website. Or, add the URL to your video as a text pass. That way, viewers know where to look if your video has generated interest.

The great thing about IGTV video though? Any link you add to your video description is worth it. You don’t need 10,000 followers or any kind of hack to make it work. Paste straight into it, add CTA to direct viewers to check your details and you will find potential customers who are already busy heading to the page of their choice.

Make a teaser for your YouTube videos, a video tie-in for your blog posts, tutorial videos for your story highlights, or a simple commercial about your brand, product, or service. Then add a trackable link to cover which videos and which links create the most traffic from Instagram.

Instagram prefers its users to stay in its app. They don’t make it easy to drive traffic to any other website. However, with these seven tips, Instagram becomes more than just a way to promote your brand awareness and attract potential leads.

With smart strategy and creative thinking, you can drive Instagram traffic to your website as well. And Instagram’s intent is built around creating loyal followers – the possibility of organic web traffic never ends.