Experience Indian dust travel In 2021

By: Sr vini

 So my articles about my two week trip to India are over. Today as usual I will share with you a synthesis article about 2 week Indian Dust Travel Experiences with information about costs, experiences, and itinerary for Indian dust travel.

The country of India is very strange when at home I have not read the newspaper. I feel a bit scared because of too much information on the Internet, after I go, it is really dirty and polluted. But it is easy to get addicted. Going back and forth, I crave the feeling of dust for a long time, then. I hear the Indian voice saying hello my friend, craving delicious Indian dishes. People say to go to India to go for at least 1 month, but you also know that people who go to the office to take a long leave is not possible.

However, I find it important that every day in India you feel nothing, but do not need to go for long. Forget about eating and drinking 2 weeks of diarrhea and then 2 weeks to feel, nonsense. I eat and drink on the roadside all the time, one-day mosquitoes swollen my arm. The car runs over the ass and sandals but it’s okay, so just enjoy it. If you like, just go guys, Indian food looks so delicious If the dirt is clean, just look at the goods. Then they showed on TV and see no more country than any other haha. Go 3 days, experience 3 days, go 2 weeks experience 2 weeks, get more experiences longer, and probably miss India longer.

To begin with the Indian Dust Travel Experience, I will introduce to you some basics about India. This one who bought or read Holy Cow will not be strange anymore, but I only said a few things that I saw in India.


  • In India, they walk and drive on the left-hand side. We live in Manila to the right, so sometimes I don’t get used to it. In Singapore, or some other countries that are not familiar, it’s okay, but in India, you have to pay attention because this car runs very badly. They run at high speed, cars crashing while going is normal, but it is all going crazy. There was a day when I was a little bit hit by a bus, so suddenly I forgot to look to the left.
  • Why is it called Holy Cow? Why do Indians respect cows? There are many people who think that the cow is a god over there and they worship cows, this is wrong. In India, people use milk for most dishes, and offerings (drinks after the ceremony) are offered to the gods. And the cow is the animal that makes the milk, so it is considered a sacred animal, the cow in India is seen as a mother, providing milk to take care of the people. Not to mention cow manure is used for fuel as it can generate electricity and heat. There are many things about cows, you can find out more for yourself. I asked Mrs. Maan what if I happened to drive and hit the cow, she said that she had to call an ambulance for the cow. Cows in India look very leisurely, often wandering the streets. But that is why they often cause accidents on highways, as I mentioned in the previous post.
  • India is very dirty and foul: This I confirm partly true, but not everywhere, like in Rajasthan. I find the streets quite clean, and in Delhi, Old Delhi is messy, trash flies flattering. But the other areas that are not in Old Delhi as the India Gate, the outside area like Sakit, the rich Lodi area, .. are very clean. Well, admit, I take the bus or have to stand under everyone’s armpits due to the limited height, smell enough haha, probably because they eat onions with too much seasoning.
  • Is eating Indian food stomachache? This I don’t know if it applies to you guys or not, but I didn’t have any stomach ache in 2 weeks but I mostly ate around on the street a lot, on the contrary. I found Indian food very delicious and quite lax haha. Since I am a weak belly type, in the morning drinking milk is determined, so I eat only dairy foods.
  • The northern Indians and the Rajasthan desert, are thinner and whiter than the people in the south, their food is a little different from the south.
  • Now the Indians I see eat mainly bread and dips and eat biryani. I see many people now also eat with a spoon, unlike when I went to Sri Lanka, everyone ate steam, or stayed there. In the north they do not have as much curry rice as in the south, they eat Indian bread such as paratha or naan, roti with more food.
  • The fast-food shops in India are growing like mushrooms now, they also join the custom. If they cannot sell beef burgers, they only sell chicken hehe. I’ve seen in big cities Mc Donald, KFC, Subway’s, … all.
  • On this side, they have the habit of buying food at the market, so it is difficult to find a supermarket, usually the grocery stores like in Vietnam, we have many on the road.
  • Wifi in India is very slow and flicker, wifi at the airport must have a phone number to log in


  • My experience is that you should travel to India from October to March, don’t go summer like me. It’s hot, I’m going and it’s always 44 degrees Celsius, it’s hotter outside than posted. Going out is very tiring, not to mention going out to eat and drink also lose productivity because it is too hot.
  • Remember to bring mosquito repellent because of the bus and outside there are terrible mosquitoes, I took a bus from Delhi to Rishikesh and a group of mosquitoes flew in the car, not to mention the areas near the river were also many mosquitoes.
  • Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer to wash your hands before eating
  • When you ride auto/rickshaw, remember to pay the price enthusiastically, but if you want to add more strength, don’t pay. I have a way of going by Ola or Uber, but wherever I can’t book these cars. I still go up there to see the price, to bargain with the guys who drive the auto. Those people always say twice as much as I threatened to leave now that. I would order Ola, although there is no Ola there haha. Remember the time when I haggled a car from Joney’s Place to the hostel back to the hostel was 150rupees for 2 people, at the end when he called 150rupees / person. I was mad and told me not to pay, then turned my face away, seeing him just standing there demanding. It was so annoying to call him out, the other man just came out and he ran away haha What is it?
  • In India, they drive with the left-hand walk, go right, when crossing the street, remember to look at the right side because in countries like Singapore or Malaysia it’s okay to look in the wrong direction, but in India. Crossing the street but looking in the wrong direction is very easy to be smoked. I was nearly being bulldozed by a bus so I know huhu, not to mention the streets they go on are terrible, so you guys should walk a little carefully.
  • Buses to the inner city of India are very cheap, usually costing less than 20rupees / person. So you should pay attention that if you give 50 but do not see it, you need to be enthusiastic.
  • From the Delhi airport to the center of Delhi, there is a metro train, so you can go cheap. But the airport train runs from morning to 9:00 pm or whatever, when it’s too late, you can book uber or ola is fine.
  • Book a train ticket in India: experience is that you book 1 month in advance, how to book or experience online train ticket booking in India, you read more in this article.
  • Experience in booking train tickets online in India
  • Remember to ask for the price in any restaurant
  • The auto/rickshaw cars in India are like a bus that requires 6 passengers before it will run, you find such cars to go for cheap instead of renting a separate car.
  • If you cannot buy a train ticket in India, you should take a bus and bus always available, you can buy directly without booking online. If you book online bus tickets online, you can book at makemytrip.com or cleartrip.com, remember to check the review of that bus before booking.
  • Do not accept strangers on the street, foods such as food, drinks, and flowers. Be more careful. And do not give people food, if they eat it, it will be tiring.
  • Remember to bring your carry-on bag to store important items such as money and passports, bank cards.
  • Use public transport to travel cheaply, in case you can’t find it, you can go to Ola or Uber. Because I find it very cheap to ride a bus in a city or an intercity. If for example, where you go only have an auto (rickshaw), you can pretend to open the device to Ola, check the price and then pay the price with the auto drivers.
  • The most important thing is drinking water, you should bring water bottles to get water in hotels or places with free drinking water to drink. Note when buying bottled mineral water in India is to buy a new look, the bottle cap is covered with glass or properly sealed, drink the bottle. completely, then crush and throw it away (a reminder of this on water bottles). Because if not, people will use it again to pour water into the next sale, but I am not sure what water.
  • Buy souvenirs, remember to pay the price, just pay one third for yourself haha.
  • Traveling to North India will be safer than going to South India, but you still have to be careful.
  • Finally, going to India you will inevitably feel frustrated for a few moments because of being deceived, … but just have fun, since going to India is determined from the beginning, so being fooled is also fun, It’s a bit annoying.

Good Hotel / Dorm / Hostel in India

  • Hotel/hostel: in Delhi, you can stay at Hosteller Sakit, the clean hostel in Agra is Mustache, Rishikesh can be in Bunk Stay. Or you can also stay at Couchsurfing, but remember to carefully read the person’s profile and their review to ensure safety.
  • I have just updated this article about the good hotels/hostels in New Delhi, you can read it at this link


  • Avoid using your left hand, when you receive food or eat, remember to use your right hand
  • No food or drink is given to strangers. This is the basics of traveling if they give you something, please politely refuse
  • Do not accept objects that strangers give you like flowers or something, they ask for money
  • In some cities like Pushkar, you should avoid taking pictures where people bathe, and in other areas, you feel okay.
  • Avoid bringing too little money, for example, below, I say the cost you spend in India. But it’s not like you just bring the right number to spend, remember to bring your credit card or add a little extra money, sometimes you get sick or Have any problems that need to be used, as I did in India, the phone broke down and had to repair more than 30usd.
  • Do not take too many places in this short time in India. Because everyone knows why, going to India is fun but sometimes frustrating and tired due to the heat and dust. So if you go too fast and many places, you will not experience much and lead to you will hate India. Go slowly to experience and adapt to life there
  • For girls, avoid wearing clothes that are too short or revealing to ensure safety, because in India women wear discreet clothes. Looking at me normally is different from them, wearing too short will make women stare. Because the Indian side went to the street to see if there were all men.
  • Get out of the way late at night (actually I have to go around 11-12 at night because there is no other way, but see nothing).


  • To order train tickets online in India, please read N’s tutorial article on this page.
  • To buy bus tickets, domestic planes online, you buy on cleartrip.com.


After the Indian dust travel experience, I shared a little more about the total cost of Indian dust travel in my 2 weeks. I go with 2 people and eat quite comfortably because the two of us easily eat and eat a lot. We normally eat in restaurants or street food trolleys, but we also have fancy meals in restaurants (like Pinch of Spice in Agra). The money to buy water is also quite a lot because the weather is very hot when I go. I list the costs of traveling to India dust for 1 person as follows:

  • Round trip flight tickets Manila – Delhi (AirAsia, transit Kuala Lumpur,): USD 240
  • Accommodation (I stayed at Couchsurfing for 2 meals, 1 free meal on Airbnb. 1 Airbnb, the rest at the hostel): total about USD 75
  • Travel (long-distance bus + train ticket): I don’t remember much, about USD 35 for 1 person. Because there is a very cheap bus with a train. like the one from Delhi to Jaipur, I bought 270rupees (about 100k VND) for 2 people, recliner.
  • The rest I spent on food, to buy scattered
  • Visa fee: 80usd (updated July 2018)


About USD 550 ~ 600 for 2 weeks including airfare and the visa fee. Actually, it may be cheaper, because I buy it a lot and eat too much haha, every time I try it.