By: Sr vini

 let’s talk about what you should eat the right way , there is this one just one diet plan that ayurveda suggest in all its scriptures and it recommed it with the promise that if one follows it religously he or she would not need many doctors in life , not only this even the damage that has done by eating the thing which were not really meant for the human body it can be reversed and body can be healed if one just sticks to this ayurveda diet plan . so, what is this diet plan where the food that you eat works like a medicine ?

Ayurveda is perhaps the only system of medicine that places an extraordinary emphasis on not just the food itself but when and how it to be eaten . Even the healthiest of foods when eaten at wrong times can lead to the accumulation of toxins in body which then results in diseases . This is what make ayurveda so deep and successful in treating ailments from its very root cause. how do we eat daily so that we can treat the diseases just with the food that we eat .

1. Know the time of sunrise and sunset

first thing one should know the before begin eating on any given day is the time of sunrise and sunset at your location it is between this time duration you should eat. This is because our digestion is largely dependent on the sun .

According to ayurvedic , our digestive power rises as the sun rises gets to the peak when the sun at its peak and it dampens as the sunsets. Ayurveda warns that any food which is eaten after the sun has set won’t properly gets digest in the body , this undigested food leads to accumulation of toxins in the body which results in short to long-term health issues .So, now you know that there is the specific eating window for you the other time you are on the fast here it may look like intermittent fasting which is a popular diet in the modern era . however , it is much different as the eating window is not decided by you but the nature decided it yourself .

Modern intermittent fasting may help you for weight loss for a while but this diet plan which is in order with the laws of the nature will nourish your mind body and soul at the deepest levels . weight loss is just the positive side effect of it , after sunset the only thing is recommended by Ayurveda is milk this is because the specific digestive enzymes required to digest the milk secreted in the right quantity only then . Milk has sedative properties so drinking warm milk before bedtime also helps you calm down inducing a deep sleep .

Now you can place your breakfast , lunch and dinner accordingly while choosing the three meals you must know that Ayurveda recommends you to eat breakfast like a king , lunch like a prince while dinner like a pauper . However , it has a slightly different annotation to it . Breakfast like king signifies that you should be picky and choosy about the food that you eat to break the fast , they should be well balanced with all the major macro-nutrients and satiating too , then lunch like a prince , since the prince is young and has better digestion than the king he would eat heaviest meal of the day , because sun at its peak . now dinner like a pauper since the sun is about to set , one can not afford to digest a lot of food so dinner should be kept light .

food which should be avoided in night

for example:- banana , curd , cucumber these are extremely cold nature food which the body fails to digest properly when the sun is down.

food type which can be eaten in night , that must be

  • Satvik
  • seasonal
  • local
  • fresh
  • tasty