A Beginners Guide for Shared Hosting

By: Sr vini

In simple terms shared hosting is a technology that allows a user to use more than one website to share the resources of a particular server. Hence, it enables us to use multiple websites that can be hosted on the same shared hosting server. Usually all the most popular hosting service providers traditionally provide  ample of resources for a single website to operate smoothly. So when partitioning  that same server for more than one website i.e., multiple websites, enriching. The hosting server provides profit margins to themselves.

 It is also cheaper to get a shared hosting plan as compared to any other type of specific plan. But still on the contrary the question pops up, is it worth the saving? Should I go for a private server, providing unanimous capabilities, boasting as more power, more than decent space etc., or should I opt for the more economically friendly shared hosting plans out there in the market?

It actually depends on your needs and requirements specifically and your budget as well. If you don’t have thousands of visitors daily, or you are not using some extensively heavy web widgets on your website. You can use shared hosting server plan, which will provide the same services in low cost.

Benefits to Shared Hosting

Having a reliable and good service shared hosting plan is a must nowadays, as it is cost effective. Which assures that you get the proper services on time. A better shared   hosting plan will enable you to take your necessary space and speed, without having to limit yourself. With the limited resources.

Some websites owners have more than one website which takes up some part of one server. so the whole server is only dedicated to your multiple websites. This is the best case scenario that can happen, as you have the ability to set the amount of resources each of your particular website will get after sharing. If one of your website is more demanding than others in its design, outlet and widgets etc., you can assign it more space accordingly, while other websites take up comparatively lesser space.

When we talk about shared hosting it is effectively the cheapest and most popular form of web server hosting, all across the whole globe. If we are to see the analysis of the true reason behind shared hosting’s popularity growth, we can clearly witness that a large number of new websites are commencing in the world of internet at a very fast speed.

These are the websites, which are mostly created by small firms for their own services that do not necessarily have the large sum of expenses to bear proper server hosting cost. So as a result, the company owners generally tend to opt for the cheapest form of server hosting service that is available.

When we talk about different web server hosting companies they have their own hosting plan, which comes with different price list and variety. The most basic reason why shared hosting has its name so popular is because it based on the exceptional concept of sharing resources on a server for the greater good of efficiency.

Generally one server can be divided into several smaller parts. Which can then be utilized and used by hundreds of websites. All the available resources, such as hard disk space, random access memory (RAM) central processing unit (CPU’s). The operating system and even the bandwidth is common point to all the websites on that particular server. Which is an extremely important factor to be considered.


As the resources for running a particular website is shared by multiple website. The web hosting server and the maintenance cost is reduces which makes the business extra effective with minimum cost. 

Easy Maintenance

In shared hosting server, hardware and other essential components are hosted by the highly skilled web host. Shared hosting is one of the cheapest form of hosting which can be easily upgraded to higher packages this does not requires any specific technical skills. Also with the help cPannel integration  site management becomes easy.


For creating a website, creating a good user interface is essential but it is difficult for a beginner to design an interface. By utilizing the service of shared hosting you will get user friendly interface which helps you to set up your own website. Here for designing a website no professional is required as it comes with Cpanel which is very simple to use. Hence it doesn’t require designing skills.

Drag and drop feature, web hosting configuration website upload to the server makes shared hosting user friendly and convenient.

Easy to Upgrade

There are many companies which provide variety of shared hosting plans. Small enterprise doesn’t have a lot of traffic on their website also they do not require a lot of storage. So you can go for shared hosting start up plans and as soon as the business grows the traffic grows. It is easy to convert your plan into new plan which provides extra benefits than the existing plan. Hence it is easy to upgrade your plan. 

Selecting Best Shared Hosting Provider

It is important to have online presence for your business to grow your business. Selecting good hosting services can be expensive for small enterprise. Shared hosting helps the user having minimal resources by providing flexibility, cost-effectiveness and convenience.                                                                   

Consideration before opting shared hosting plan

There are a wide variety of shared hosting providers in the market, who allow you to take the finest of their plans. Among them most of their websites that you open nowadays runs on a shared hosting server. As we know that one website is not able to fully utilize a server’s full capabilities. That site must be running on some very heavy applications and static elements to actually be able to handle the entire server’s space. Most of the websites, which do handle such kind of spaces, have large account of massive databases, or some kind of static elements.


Shared hosting is mostly best for small enterprise and new startups. Where the choices are made on the basis of the amount of the traffic comes daily to the website. It is cost effective as the resources are shared on a singular web server. If someone wish to create themselves a website, keeping in mind an average amount of traffic to come daily. You should  opt for the most affordable hosting option, which is shared hosting.