What do I need to do to change my Discover Card design?

By: Sr vini

To order a new credit card design, simply sign into your Discover account and head over to the “Manage My Card” section.
Here, you can choose to order an additional card or replace your current one, then the design selections are presented.
How do I choose my Discover card design?
Give Your Discover Card a New Look
Pick a design that shows your true colors. Simply log into the Account Center and select a new design for yourself or anyone on your account. There’s no application to fill out or financial information to provide. Best of all, changing your card design is absolutely free.
Does Discover charge for a new card?
If you are a Discover card member, you can receive a new Discover card within 4-6 business days, and there is no fee to replace your card. Once you receive your new card, you should contact any merchants that automatically bill you to update your card information.
What color is the Discover it card?
Discover it card – Magenta color?!?
The card came today. I was shocked upon opening it, as the card is sort of a magenta color, as opposed to the blue card that is advertised.
How long does it take to get a new Discover card?
New Discover credit cards are always sent via priority mail, meaning that it would take 3 to 5 days to get your hands on a new card. That’s free and it’s way better than what other issuers offer – up to 10 business days by default. Replacement cards are expedited and will arrive within 24 to 48 hours.
Can I customize my Discover debit card?
Discover it® Cash Back, Discover it® Miles, and the Discover it® Balance Transfer start you with a limited selection of solid colors. You can’t submit your own photo: While some credit card companies will allow you to fully personalize a card by uploading a photo as your card background, Discover is not one of them.
What if I lost my Discover card?
Can I report that my card has been lost or stolen online? Note: You must already have current access to Discover.com to report your card lost or stolen online. If you do not have an online account or have not logged in for 30 days, please contact call Customer Service at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683).
Can you have 2 Discover cards?
You can have two Discover credit cards at once as the primary accountholder. But to get your second Discover card, you must have had the first card open for at least one year. Your two Discover cards can be different or the same, such as two Discover it Cash Back cards.
Can I change the color of my discover it card?
To choose a new color for your replacement Discover card, simply log into your account online and select “Choose a Card Design.” You can deactivate a Discover card by calling 1-800-347-2683.
What is the best Discover Card?
NerdWallet’s Best Discover Credit Cards of 2019
Discover it® Cash Back: Best for Everyday spending.
Discover it® Balance Transfer: Best for Balance transfers.
Discover it® Miles: Best for Travel.
Discover it® Student Cash Back: Best for College students.
Discover it® Secured: Best for Building or rebuilding credit.