Tips on How to Study Smart Not Hard

By: Sr vini

How to Study Smart Not Hard
Why is it that some students who study hard but still get average grades? But some
students do not even spend half the amount of time and energy on their studies but still
get good or even excellent grades? Below we have given a technique on how to study
smart rather than wasting countless hours of your precious time. This article’s main
motive is to empower you to overcome your studies’ additional parts and focus on the

Tips On How To Study Smart

Whether you are studying in school or college, these tips will help you on how you can
study smart and how you can save a lot of time by not studying hard. We discover that it
is not fundamentally about study hard but how to study smart.

● Make a proper plan

Planning will help you complete your work even faster. Smart students usually divide
their working hours into parts. You need to divide your time depending on how many
subjects you want to study. This will help you complete your work smartly.

● Take Breaks

Taking breaks is important because it will help in refreshing your mind. Sitting in one
position and studying continuously for hours will only affect your health which obviously
you don’t want. Taking 10 minutes of break after 1 hour of continuous study is enough.

● Review What You’ve Learnt

Make a routine of revising everything that you have learned in the class. The main
advantage behind this is that you don’t have to stay awake till late night before your
exams. Giving 2 hours every day is enough.

● Study is a Silent place

If you want to study smartly, then you cannot do it in a noisy place. It would be best if
you study in a quiet place. Let’s take you to study 2 hours every day then you must let
your family members know that no one should disturb you during that time.

● Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important if you don’t want to feel sleepy during your lecture. As
i mentioned above, take proper notes in the class, but this is only possible if you had
enough sleep last night. Research says taking at least 7 hours of sleep is important in
order to work properly in the daytime.

● Keep yourself away from your electronic devices

You can only study with 100% focus if you keep yourself away from electronic devices
like mobile and laptop. These things will only distract you. If you have planned to study
for 2 hours, then don’t touch your mobile or laptop in those 2 hours. This will help you
stay focused on your study.


In this article, I have covered all the essential tips that will help you on how to study
smart, not hard. Make sure to use these tips for studying in your life. Follow these tips
every single day and make them your habit. And always remember, don’t push yourself
too much. Try to accomplish little but realistic goals.
Remember that not everyone has the same pace of learning things.