How to Find the Owner of a Credit Card Number

By: Sr vini

It is not permitted to request an identification from a cardholder in any way under Visa or Mastercard guidelines. If you do, you’re in violation of your merchant agreement.

It is impossible, or at least not easy. Despite the card number’s identifying characteristics, it is impossible to verify a person’s identity or even obtain the name of a cardholder. The only way I can think of would be for a judge to issue a subpoena, but this would only be the case if the card was used to commit a crime or something similar.

If I have the last four digits of a credit card, can I find the owner’s name?

When you only have that information (you don’t know who issued the document) you absolutely cannot – for several reasons.

Since MasterCard standardized its Card # format to 16 digits years ago (as had already been the case for Visa), all the major credit cards now issue plates with 16 digit account numbers. Each individual issuing institution may have several accounts that end with the same final four digits. We could probably do the math to figure out how many of those accounts there may be, but let’s estimate (easily) at least a dozen.

As a result, there are thousands of accounts out there in the world whose end-of-sequence is four digits long. Therefore, the answer is “NO”.

Even if you knew who the issuer was (by the first few digits – depending on the type of credit card: MC, Discover, Amex, etc.) there would still be dozens of accounts that ended with a given 4… So, still “NO”.

If I have a credit card number, what will I find out about the owner?

It doesn’t matter. There is no reason that would ever be nessecary either. Do not attempt to commit fraud. In any case, you’re clearly not an intelligent enough person to pull it off.

Think about getting an education, working hard, and making your own money so you can buy whatever you want.

If you accidentally leave your credit card number on a public machine, maybe karma will prevent the person who stumbles across it from asking the same question that you have just asked.

How can I find a name and address from a credit card number?

No name or address can be derived from a credit card number. A card does have a name on it. Addresses are part of the card’s security to prevent it from being misused. On the back of the card is the telephone number that you will need to contact if you have moved and wish to change your address. They will ask for your old address if you call the telephone number listed on the card. and when you don’t know, they will know you are trying to use someone else’s card. This is called fraud and a person can go to prison using another person’s card.

Through the card number, can I find any account holder?

Most of the time, it is not possible. Previously, banks provided cards with names printed on them. Today, since cards are delivered on the spot, only nameless cards are provided. Once received by the customers, they are linked to the bank servers. So, when a cardholder uses his card at an ATM or POS terminal, the machine recognises the card and allows him to make purchases through the bank server when the cardholder uses his card.