Essay on Picnic with Family Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

By: Sr vini

10 Lines on picnic with family

  • A family picnic is the best way to spend quality time with our parents and other family members. 
  • We all are very busy and stressed in our daily lives, so it is very necessary to take a day break. 
  • It gives peace and relaxation to go on a picnic with the family members. 
  • Last summer, we planned to go on a picnic with our complete family. We went to a hill station 25 kilometres away from my home. 
  • My uncle, aunty, cousins, my parents, my little sister, we all were together on a picnic. 
  • We booked a mini bus and started our journey at 6 am in the morning. 
  • The hill station was a very beautiful and peaceful place and the air was very clean and pleasant. 
  • We bring sandwiches, biryani, fruits and snacks with us. 
  • We reached there by 8 am and started our picnic. We ate sandwiches for breakfast. 
  • We had a lot of fun the whole day. I played badminton with my cousins. It was a wonderful experience. 
Essay on Picnic with Family