Do You Need To Activate A Vanilla Visa Gift Card?

By: Sr vini

 For a Vanilla Gift Card delivered by email and mail, you can use online, via phone, or for mail order purchases.

You can also activate your Gift Card and check the balance at or by calling the toll-free number listed on the back of your Card.

Do you have to activate a vanilla visa gift card?

Vanilla also offers prepaid gift cards, which you or people you buy them for can use anywhere that Visa cards are accepted. Vanilla gift cards don’t expire and aren’t credit cards, so no credit check is required. The gift cards don’t need to be activated once they’re purchased.

How long does it take for a vanilla gift card to activate?

As long as it says activated, you will need to wait and see if the GC bank will apply the money. Actually between CVS and the GC, the time allowed is 15 minutes. if it doesn’t post after 1 hour, then you will need to speak with the GC 800#.

Why is my Vanilla gift card not working?

Visa gift cards are linked to bank accounts that generally must be activated in order to receive transactions. Inactive cards will be declined if used for payment because the associated bank accounts are not ready to be used. When the gift card is loaded with value (purchased), the gift card is automatically activated.

How do I register my Visa Gift Card?

  • Register Card. Please enter your card information below to register your card. Enter Gift Card Number.
  • Please enter your card information below to view your transactions or balance. Enter Gift Card Number. Enter Expiration Date.
  • Personalize PIN. Please enter your card information below to personalize your PIN.

How do I activate my vanilla visa gift card?

You can also activate your Gift Card and check the balance at or by calling the toll-free number listed on the back of your Card. You will need to provide your Card number, valid thru date, and security code located on the back of your Card.

What is a vanilla card?

A plain vanilla card is a basic credit card with no special features or perks and no monthly or annual fees. The perks of plain vanilla cards are basically the same from one financial institution to the next, while the card’s credit limit also depends on the cardholder’s creditworthiness.

What happens if a gift card is not activated?

Make Sure the Gift Card is Activated

Check the back of the gift card (or any gift card packaging you have) to see if activation steps are required. If so, take care of it before using the card. A gift card that is not activated will definitely not be accepted at the cash register.

Where is activation code on Vanilla Visa Gift Card?

Enter the 16 digit card number and the 3 digit security code (CVV2) on the back of the card. The last 4 digits of the phone number is NOT a required field until the card has been registered. Once logged in, the Activate Card option can be found in the Account Activities Menu.

How do I get a pin for my Vanilla gift card?

Follow these steps to add a PIN to your gift card:

  • Call 1-866-952-5653.
  • Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
  • Press 2 for all other inquires.
  • Enter the 16 digit card number followed by the # sign.
  • Enter the last 3 digits printed on the signature panel followed by the # sign.
  • Press 3 to change (or create) your PIN.

Can vanilla visa gift card be used online?

Your Visa Vanilla gift card can be used online within the United States wherever Visa debit is accepted.

How do I know if my gift card is activated?

Locate the activation sticker on the front of the card.

If your gift card requires activation, there’s usually a white sticker or some other indicator prominently displayed on the front that says so. These stickers typically provide a toll-free number or a website link that you need to use to activate the card.

How does a vanilla card work?

Load your Prepaid Card directly at the Register

  • Bring your prepaid card and money to a participating Vanilla Reload retailer.
  • Present your card to the cashier to add funds* to your prepaid card.
  • The cashier will ring up the sale and load your funds directly to your prepaid card.

How much is a vanilla card?

Vanilla Reloads are prepaid cards you can purchase in amounts up to $500 for a fee of $3.95 each.

How much does a vanilla card cost?

Vanilla Reload typically costs $3.95 to purchase. There are no additional fees or charges after purchase as long as you use your Vanilla Reload within 12 months of purchase. A $4.95 monthly fee will be applied against unredeemed funds at the beginning of the 13th month after purchase, unless prohibited by law.