Can I Use a Gift Card to Pay My Credit Card

By: Sr vini

Not at all. Generally, gift card payments cannot be made with a debit card or credit card. By receiving interchange fees, the card issuer expects to make money from each transaction; if the card issuer were to let you use a debit or credit card, they would be forced to pay interchange fees, effectively wiping out their profits.

Debit cards are generally used with actual deposit accounts at banks that can be used to make ACH payments (ACH costs are negligible, but fees apply to them). Various types of reloadable prepaid cards (e.g. American Express “Serve” card), which is effectively a “bank account on a card), may allow ACH transfers from the account. In this case, you will be able to pay your credit card via ACH, but otherwise, your prepaid debit card will not be able to be used.

How can a gift card be used to pay for a credit card? What should I do?

A gift card has no legal monetary value, hence why it does not have a stated value on the back. Actually, that’s not correct because it does have some stated value like 0.001 or something insignificant like that. Even though you can use a gift card to purchase goods and services up to the value of the card in the issuing establishment, it isn’t useful in the rest of the world. Buy your groceries from the store if you can and use the money you save to pay your credit card or buy items from the store and sell them at a slight loss and use the profit to pay your card. You will feel foolish if you call your bank and try to pay with that card or go into your bank to pay.

What is the process of converting an Amazon gift card to cash?

Find somebody who needs to purchase something from Amazon. Provide a cash reimbursement if you order the item for them. Buying stuff from Amazon is probably something you do all the time. If you would have bought these items with cash, use your gift card instead.

Do gift cards allow transfers to debit cards?

Not at all. Unless the gift card and the debit card are from the same institution. Draw out the money from the gift card and pay the debit card balance. The trouble may be that your benefactor may not know that you have a debt to pay.

What is the process for exchanging a gift card for cash?

According to what I understand, you have to use Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to sell your gift cards. However, you run the risk of people accusing you of already using them, or they may use the codes before giving you money (though you can easily counteract this by forcing them to give you your money first).

The only legitimate issue with this is that you are going to get less than what you had originally paid for because that’s just the way it works.

How can I get cash from an ATM with a gift card?

There are none. If you buy a gift card, then you are giving the gift of a gift card: iTunes, Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks, Target – your choice!

Cash cannot be withdrawn from these gift cards. It’s all about that. If you want to give cash, just give cash or send a check. ATM debit cards with a PIN number is what’s needed to get cash. A gift card like that isn’t normal. Wishing you luck.