Can Chase transactions be hidden?

By: Sr vini

Here’s how to hide an account: Click the Settings link at the top of the page.
Click the Hide icon in the left side bar menu.
Select the radio button for the account you wish to hide and decide if you want to hide it from Budgets and Trends or Everywhere.

How do I hide purchases from my bank account?

One way to go about hiding your purchases is by using a cash or gift card. You can purchase these gift cards using your credit card and they basically serve the same function as a debit or prepaid card. The difference is that a gift card isn’t under your name, unlike a credit card, debit card or prepaid card.

Is it possible to delete bank transactions?

Deleting transactions from a bank feed or manual statement upload. Once again, click on the name of the transaction that you’d like to delete, and select ‘More options’. Now select ‘Delete this transaction’ to complete the process. Please bear in mind that deleted transactions cannot be recovered.

Can you delete credit card transaction history?

You cannot delete payment transactions from the credit card bank if they were created as a result of paying a credit card statement vendor invoice. Instead, void the check from the bank account bank, which automatically deletes the payment from the credit card bank.

Can I hide transactions on my bank statement?

If you have bank feed transactions that you can’t or don’t want to match, you can hide these transactions. Hidden transaction don’t appear in the Bank Feeds window. You can’t delete bank feed transactions, only hide them. transactions you’ve manually entered and already reconciled.