A credit card starting with 6011 comes in what type?

By: Sr vini

There are Diners Club cards that begin with 5 and have 16 digits.
These are a joint venture between Diners Club and MasterCard, and should be processed like a MasterCard.
Discover: ^6(?:011|5[0-9]{2})[0-9]{12}$ Discover card numbers begin with 6011 or 65.
Do all Discover cards start with 6011?
What Credit Card Starts with 6011. According to bincodes.com, a Discover card can also begin with the following digits: 622126-622925.
What type of credit card starts with 4715?
If you see a credit card number that starts with a 4 and contains 19 digits, you can assume it’s a Visa. Mastercard and Discover account numbers contain 16 digits. American Express contains 15 digits, and Diner’s Club and Carte Blanche contain 14 digits.
What type of credit card starts with 4270?
The first digit in your credit-card number signifies the system:
3 – travel/entertainment cards (such as American Express and Diners Club)
4 – Visa.
5 – MasterCard.
6 – Discover Card.
How do I know what type of credit card I have?
Identify a bank card’s credit company by looking at the first number. Cards that start with a “3” are American Express. Those that start with “4” are Visa credit and debit cards, those that start with “5” are MasterCard credit and debit cards, and those that start with “6” are Discover credit cards.
What credit card starts with 4400?
A credit card number that starts with a 4 is associated with a Visa. All Visa card numbers being with this number. Let’s now dig a little deeper to determine the type of Visa cards that start with the digits 4400.
What type of credit card begins with 4147?