What Are The Chances Of Getting Caught Using A Stolen Credit Card

By: Sr vini

What Are The Chances Of Getting Caught Using A Stolen Credit Card

 It’s hard for me to tell how often they are caught. It is becoming easier to get caught. Merchants will be questioned about suspicious transactions reported by customers. It is likely that your card-thief has bought something worth using a stolen card for, so you will find them in a location with CCTV. The store is interested in avoiding reversal of the charges because, if it occurs, they lose money and the goods are already gone. As a result, if a transaction is challenged, the store will want to know who it was. If there are any records or cameras, they will check them out.

A cardholder with a stolen card is naturally motivated to get the maximum value from it, which means their spending pattern is quite different from that of a legitimate cardholder. That alone makes catching them easier.

Someone who uses a stolen credit card to purchase $12 worth of dog food at the local pet store has a very low chance of being caught due to their unremarkable usage pattern. If all you were going to buy was $12 worth of dog food, why would you bother stealing credit cards?

Fraudulent Credit Card Transactions: How Often Are They Caught?

With more and more reports of credit card fraud occurring, and banks and credit card companies switching to EMV-chip cards to reduce the risk of credit card fraud, it’s likely that fraudsters will be caught more often and more easily.

Since credit card holders now know there are many ways their cards can be stolen and used, they are taking extra measures to protect both their credit cards and private information.

How would it affect me if I stole a credit card and used it?

A four-year felony can be imposed on you for Fraudulent Use of a Credit Charge, which consists of four counts. Larceny could also be charged against you. Prior to any court order, you need to ensure you have paid back the entire amount. You will only benefit from this. A criminal defense attorney can help you navigate through the process and ensure that you and your livelihood suffer only minimal damage if you are charged.

It is easy for someone else to find out you were using their credit card?

It depends on the situation. Companies like Credit Card companies or Banks don’t investigate to find out who stole someone else’s credit card information (especially when it’s not significant!). Being time consuming means they need to hire someone to do the investigation, which can be very expensive for them. Bring people who use other people’s cards to court with you who need money because of lawyer fees! Instead of catching criminals, they usually invest more time and money in preventing fraud!

However, that doesn’t mean that you can use someone else’s credit card if you steal it! If the card holder or merchant reports this to the police, you could get into a lot of trouble!