Is it safe to use my credit card on Ioffer?

By: Sr vini

 At checkout, you may use the following payment methods: Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard- Most credit card companies offer consumer protection for online purchases.

iOffer accepts prepaid cards?

Ioffer accepts debit and prepaid cards.

Has iOffer been shut down?

The Department of Justice will shut down their individual shops within iOffer (thanks to a court order) and if the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center is able to locate funds these sellers have generated through the sale of counterfeit goods, they will be turned over 30 July 2013.

Is iOffer using PayPal?

IOffer on Twitter: “Sorry, no.”. Payments cannot be made through PayPal

What other sites are similar to iOffer?

There are other sites like iOffer with some that are better than Ebay. Etsy: Etsy is an online marketplace for handcrafted goods, crafting supplies, and rare collectibles. iOffer is a better alternative because of its wide market. Ebid promotes fixed-price sales and online auctions.

How do you pay on iOffer?

iOffer provides the seller your order and payment information. If you need to contact the seller to confirm your payment, use “Order Messages”, located at the bottom of every Order Summary page. Simply add a comment and click “Send”. If you already paid, click “Mark Paid” to confirm payment.

PayPal is accepted by Louis Vuitton?

The United States and Canada websites accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments with a valid United States or Canada billing address. The Louis Vuitton company does not deliver to APO, FPO, DPO, or PO boxes.

On iOffer, what is a featured item?

The offer was made by Andy iOffer on November 05, 2015 15:22. Featured listings are available for a small fee: Featured ($19.95) – Your item listing is highlighted in grey and includes the title “featured item” in search results.

Is it possible to use PayPal on DHgate?

PayPal is accepted by DHgate. Additional information about DHgate’s PayPal support can be found on their customer service page.

What makes AliExpress better?

You can find DHGate online. Just like AliExpress, DHGate is an online marketplace. As both DHGate and AliExpress offer the same products, you can compare prices to maximize your profit. Please note that you must do your own due diligence on DHGate by checking out the ratings of the suppliers and the number of orders they have sold.

What website is like eBay?

Top 10 Best Websites like eBay for selling online


Bonanza. Bonanza is another best marketplace like ebay to sell your products online.

EBid. eBid is similar to ebay in a sense that it is also an auction based website.






Is the wish App legitimate?

What is the safety and legitimacy of Wish? Wish is a legit company despite its unbelievable prices. Your $0.50 earbuds will be shipped to your home, but they may or may not work.

What is the best way to find a seller on ioffer?

The item location of sellers cannot currently be searched for on our site. You can, however, type a seller’s username into the main search box to go directly to their store. Title is the search filter by which you can search item listings.

Is iOffer reliable?

We are a marketplace – remember that! Independent sellers manage their inventory, sales, and shipping through our platform (stores). We connect buyers and sellers worldwide. Please note that international shipping times will vary from country to country. The shipping time to overseas locations may vary from 21-35 days based on your location.