How Do You Set Your Own Price On Priceline Hotels?

By: Sr vini

 Enter the bid amount for your desired hotel under the “Name Your Own Price” option.

Your credit card will be charged immediately if your bid is accepted.

Priceline still allows you to name your own price for hotels?

*Priceline Name Your Own Price® and Express Deals® services are different from published prices. After booking, the hotel, airline, and car rental company are displayed. All sales are final.

Priceline ceased identifying your price on its website. Why did this happen?

The company spokesperson confirmed that the “name-your-price” feature has been discontinued partly because of these reasons. This year, travelers have been able to save money on airfares even though Priceline-which also owns and Kayak-retired its feature.

How do I get the cheapest hotel rates?

Find out how the experts get hotel rooms on the cheap with these 20 tips.

  • Buy Someone Else’s Reservations.

  • Search for Coupon Codes.

  • Ask for a Price Match.

  • Negotiate a Home Away From Home.

  • Check Your Warehouse Club.

  • Stay Midweek.

  • Look for Inclusive Deals.

  • Maximize Your Credit Card.

  • Which is the cheapest hotel booking site?

  • The Hotel’s Own Website.



  • Hotwire.

  • Expedia.

  • Priceline.

  • Orbitz.

  • American Express Travel.

Is it possible to bid on Priceline anymore?’s hotel bidding service is still making Booking Holdings considerable money. Its usefulness may have waned, and the service is likely to fold within a year. As it did for flights in 2016, ended its Name Your Own Price bidding service for car rentals on Monday.

What is the bidding process on Priceline?

Hotels are available for bidding on Priceline. You specify certain parameters, such as your travel dates and the city or area you would like to stay in, as well as the hotel rating. Your bid will then be accepted or rejected by Priceline. If so, your hotel reservation is made immediately and your credit card is charged.

Is there a fee associated with Priceline?

It appears that Priceline charges a sliding fee based on the total cost of the hotel nights you bid on. It is common for the minimum fee (eg for a 1* $20 bid) to be $6-7. A one-night bid of $200/night requires a fee of over $10, however.

Is there a promo code for Priceline?

Simply book with this link for instant savings, no discount codes or coupons required! When you book online today you can find RT flights for as low as $150 for roundtrip! With Priceline, you’ll always find great deals. Use the Priceline mobile app to find exclusive hotel and flight deals!

What is the status of Priceline?

A Priceline flight can be the best deal for your travel date, but, if you only earn one mile per $1, booking a flight on Priceline isn’t worth it. If you don’t own a Priceline credit card, you cannot redeem credit card miles for Priceline flights.

Does Priceline Canada exist? can now be used in Canada can now be used in Canada. If your bid is accepted, you pay that price. lets you bid on flights, hotels, cars, and more. Accommodations. The travel industry.