Are Starbucks Gift Cards Internationally Accepted?

By: Sr vini

 Traveling internationally with my Starbucks Card is possible?

Any Starbucks Card activated in one of the participating countries can be used to make purchases and reloaded in any other participating country.

The participating countries are; the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the Republic of Ireland.

Is it possible to use a Starbucks gift card abroad?

There is a yes and a no to this question. The US starbucks card can be used interchangeably in some countries, including the US, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland, and Mexico. In other countries, however, the card can only be used within the country.

Are there any gift cards that can be used internationally?

Visa Reward Cards can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. There are no cash machines or ATMs available. Mastercard® Gift Cards are issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC, under license from Mastercard International Incorporated.

Is Starbucks app available in Europe?

The participating countries are: United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the Republic of Ireland. Physical cards can be used, as well as their app or an Apple Passbook app. (I use Passbook since I am brainwashed by Apple).

Is it possible to send gift cards internationally?

Online gift card delivery is possible for international recipients. If you wish to send gift cards to a recipient in another country, ensure that the cards are accepted in their country.

Can IKEA gift cards be used internationally?

IKEA Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Gift and Refund cards(s) can be used at any IKEA store in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain*, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Is it possible to use a Starbucks gift card anywhere in the world?

Starbucks Cards are accepted at most Starbucks locations in North America, including airports and grocery stores. In addition to Starbucks stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Australia, and Mexico, Starbucks Cards can also be used at most other retail outlets.

Can Amazon gift cards be used internationally?

Therefore, gift cards cannot be redeemed on their international websites. However, you can purchase an gift card with a non-U.S. credit card, and vice versa. So while the gift card itself is only redeemable in one country, Amazon will accept payment from another.

Is it possible to use one vanilla card internationally?

Mastercard International Incorporated officially licenses Bancorp Bank to offer the Vanilla Bill Payment Prepaid Mastercard. Cards can be used wherever Visa debit cards, Debit Mastercards, or Discover cards are accepted in the U.S. and District of Columbia.

What can I do to avoid foreign transaction fees?

Here are five ways to dodge foreign transaction fees and international ATM fees.

  • Get a Credit Card Without a Foreign Transaction Fee.

  • Open a Bank Account That Doesn’t Charge Foreign Fees.

  • Exchange Currency Before Traveling.

  • Avoid Using Foreign ATMs.

  • Find out if Your Bank Has a Foreign Partner.

  • Bottom Line.