Are there any fees associated with Nike membership?

fees associated with Nike membership

What are the benefits of being a Nike member?

Music, guided meditation, and fitness classes are part of the new NikePlus Member benefits. NikePlus members may now access music, guided meditation and fitness classes thanks to its new partnerships with Apple Music, ClassPass and Headspace.

How much does it cost to join NikePlus?

NikePlus members in the U.S. can buy the shoes for $150 now, and non-members can purchase them on Feb. 22. On the Nike Plus Web site and in the Nike + Run Club, Nike+ Training Club, Nike SNKRS, and Nike Plus apps for iPhone, membership is free. In NikePlus, customers aren't rewarded with points to encourage more spending.

What is NikePlus membership?

During the NikePlus Unlocks launch last November, Nike provided customers with improved experiences and exclusive access through the Nike App. Additionally, NikePlus members now have access to a refreshed exclusive shop.

What does it take to become a Nike member?

Our NikePlus apps and offer free and easy NikePlus account creation. Having a NikePlus membership will give you access to numerous benefits. The NikePlus registration form is available on and must be filled out in order to create a profile.

Are there birthday coupons from Nike?

Nike Plus members get a 25% discount on their birthdays. Join Nike's birthday promotion program to receive a 25% off coupon every year. Don't forget to buy yourself a new pair of trainers after receiving your birthday discount!

Do you know how to get free stuff from Nike?

Each order shipped to NikePlus Members is free. Whenever. You can sign up for NikePlus for free today, and you can log in each time you shop at If you're logged in, free standard shipping will always be applied at checkout (no promo code needed).