Are there any fees associated with Nike membership?

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fees associated with Nike membership

No, there are no fees associated with Nike membership. Instead, Nike is giving free membership to its customers. In addition, Nike plus members get access to a variety of subscription-based services through this program.

Nike is able to do this because they have a large catalog of things they are confident will sell. So, Nike Plus will only generate them more revenue. 

What is NikePlus membership?

Nike Plus, also known as Nike+, was the previous name for Nike’s loyalty program. During the NikePlus Unlocks launch last November, Nike provided customers with improved experiences and exclusive access through the Nike App. 

Additionally, Nike Plus members now have access to a refreshed exclusive shop. 

How much does it cost to join NikePlus?

It costs nothing to join Nike Plus. You can join Nike Plus for free, and you just have to sign-up in their app. 

Membership is free on the Nike Plus Web site and in the Nike + Run Club, Nike+ Training Club, Nike SNKRS, and Nike Plus apps for iPhone. 

Moreover, in Nike Plus, customers are rewarded with points to encourage more spending.

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How much does Nike membership cost?

Free! Nike membership is free for anyone who has joined the Nike platforms apps. With Nike membership, you will get a whole lot of benefits, including early access to products, free shipping, access to special products, and many discounts and offers. 

What are the benefits of being a Nike member?

Here are all the benefits that come with Nike Plus membership:

  • Nike plus members can access music, guided meditation, and fitness classes.
  • Exclusive items and early access to limited-edition stuff for members.
  • Priority entry, locker pickup at the curb, and private shopping sessions.
  • Connect to over 100 free at-home workouts online.
  • Delivery is free for online and mobile buyers.
  • Thirty-day “try it on” period; return it if you don’t love it.
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Birthday Special Discounts & offers

What does it take to become a Nike member?

It takes nothing to become a Nike member. Nike Plus apps and offer free and easy Nike Plus account creation. The Nike Plus registration form is available on and must be filled out in order to create a profile.

In addition, having a Nike Plus membership will give you access to numerous benefits. 

How to become a Nike Plus member?

Becoming a Nike Member is a simple and fast process. If you’re logged into any of the Nike apps or websites, you will automatically become a Nike Plus member. 

Please follow the three-step process below if you haven’t already signed up for these applications or websites:

  • Visit the Membership page for Nike.
  • Simply click “Join Us.”
  • Create a profile for yourself by filling out the online registration form.

How old do you have to be to become a Nike member?

Nike+ has a 13-year-old minimum membership age. If you have any more queries, then contact official Nike customer services. 

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Are there birthday coupons from Nike?

Nike Plus members get a 25% discount on their birthdays. Join Nike’s birthday promotion program to receive a 25% off coupon every year. Don’t forget to buy yourself a new pair of trainers after receiving your birthday discount!

Do you know how to get free stuff from Nike?

Each order shipped to Nike Plus Members is free. You can sign up for Nike Plus for free today, and you can log in each time you shop at Free standard shipping will always be applied at checkout (no promo code needed).

How Do I Get Free Shipping?

If you enjoy shopping for Nike items online, be sure to enroll in the free membership program. This entitles you to free delivery and a slew of additional advantages.

Bottom Line

This was all about Nike Plus membership. So now you know, Are there any fees associated with Nike membership? If you haven’t signed up for a Nike membership, then do it soon and enjoy its benefits. 

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