ᐅ BEST 10 Lines Essay About Pet Animal in English

By: Sr vini

Few Lines Essay About Pet Animal in English

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10 Lines on Pet Animal

  • There are two pets in my household, a cat and a dog.
  • The dog’s name is Axel, and the cat’s name is Kitty.
  • German shepherd Axel and white cat Kitty are both two years old.
  • At first, they were enemies, but as time went on, they became friends.
  • It is a pleasure to have a pet like mine.
  • Kitty enjoys fish and milk while Axel loves chicken and Pedigree.
  • Both of the pets are extremely friendly and curious and like to peek around everywhere.
  • My cat is also very friendly with our Neighbors dog Jimmy.
  • The smell of boiled fish makes her crazy, and she runs around us to get it every time.
  • These two are now part of our family and bring us joy and happiness.