List of Winter Flowers in India with Their Names and Useful Tips to Grow

By: Sr vini

The Winter season is considered as the magical season with a cool winter breeze, a romantic atmosphere, mind drizzles, etc. If you add the experience of watching a beautiful garden with your favorite coffee cup, it will become a more magical and dreamy atmosphere. So, what are the best winter flowers in India?
You can see the flowers that have taken some time to bloom; all marigolds, dahlias all look so great that one can find himself/herself in heaven. But you might be confused with the list of flowers that can be grown in the winter season. 
Don’t worry; we are here with the list of the top 5 winter flowers in India. All these flowers do not need much care and persistence to grow; therefore, you can easily grow them in your garden without facing any issue. So, let’s start with the list of flower plants.

List of top 5 Winter Flowers in India


English Name: Alyssum or Sweet Alyssum
Hindi Name: Elisa Phool
white alyssum flower

Useful tips to grow Alyssum:

This plant is considered to be the best one for winter flowers in India. To grow Alyssum, you can use seed directly over the ground by keeping the distance of 6-inches apart from each other. Remember that Alyssum seeds require moisturized soil to grow. Therefore, this plant can not grow in the summer season as it dies in the summer months. You need to put this plant in the direct sunlight for 4-6 hours for flowering. Do not forget to plant the seeds 7-8 weeks before starting the winter season.

Snapdragon/Dog Flower

English Name: Dog Flower or Snapdragon
Snapdragon flower

Useful tips to grow Dog Flower/Snapdragon:

Gardeners can grow dog flowers in the full sunlight as they love blooming in such conditions. Dog flower plants are considered to be short-term plants, and they are categorized in the annual plant. Moreover, this plant requires adequate water to cultivate. Do not forget to keep the soil well moist for the first few weeks. Remember to water nearer to the crown of this winter flower. Dog flowers can grow 8-9 weeks before starting the winter season.


English Name: Dahlia
Hindi Name: Dahlia
Dahlia flower

Useful tips to grow Dahlia:
Dahlias are considered the best and one of the most beautiful flowers of India. It needs well-drained and plenty of sunlight. To plant the dahlias, dig the soil about 8-10 inches deep. Now, add some compost to it to increase the nutrient density and porosity. Remember to add a 5-10-15 fertilizer. But, if you are planning to plant small dahlias, put them 12 inches apart from each other. But, the bigger plants require more spacing that is up to 3 feet from each other.


English Name: Nasturtium
Hindi Name: Jalkumbhi

Useful tips to grow Nasturtium:
This falls under the list of the best Indian flowers and it must grow 4-5 weeks before the starting of the winter season. To plant it, you need to plant the seeds in moist soil and put them in the sun. Once the seeds get some new node, put the seeds in the partial shade. Moreover, do not forget to check the soil fertility before transferring seeds to the pots. Nasturtium plants do not produce many blossoms if you use much fertile soil. Always remember to plant it around half-inch deeper in the soil.


English Name: Cineraria
Hindi Name: Cineraria
Cineraria Flower

Useful tips to grow Cineraria:
Cineraria terms as a December flower, and it is one of the indoor plants, that is why direct sunlight can harm it. Therefore, always prefer to place it in indirect sunlight instead of direct sunlight. Also, remember that this plant needs much cooler surrounding as compared to other winter flower plants. That is why place it in the North or East direction and always keep it moist, but do not put too much water in it.

Tips which help to grow above Indian winter flowers

  • If you plan any significant modifications to your garden, it would be better to do it in the winter season as it is a period when the soil is damp but not frozen or waterlogged. 
  • Keep holiday plants away from small children and pets. Poinsettia leaves and holly and mistletoe berries are not poisonous as some might suggest, but they can cause adverse reactions if eaten.
  • Gently remove snow from plants. Moreover, the branches will break if they get too weighed down.
  • Begin planning flower borders. Sketch an outline of the border, select your plants and order them.
  • Prepare soil for Dahlias. Dahlias benefit from plenty of neem cake or compost and manure, which will also help the soil retain moisture.
  • Check the Dahlia tubers that you have stored. Make sure they are not wet or decaying.
  • Ensure that the Chrysanthemums you have saved from last fall have survived. 
  • Remember to seed pansies, geraniums, and other early flowers at the starting of the winter season in the Indian climate.

Final Words 

To create a beautiful garden, one might need to pay a little bit of attention as plants need a little bit of care, dedication, and, most important, patience. We have listed the top 5 winter flowers in India that can easily grow with little supervision. Moreover, we have given some tips to grow flower plants in your garden. Hope you like this article. If you face any issue regarding winter flowers, let us know about it through the comment section. We will provide you with the best garden help and suggestions in the best possible way. Happy Gardening & Keep Growing Plants To Make Earth Beautiful!