How to Take Care of Jade Plant with 5 Instructions

By: Sr vini

Jade plants are an easy plant to grow and don’t require complicated jade plant care. It is an indoor houseplant that can grow and last for several years. Or, you can also grow it and need jade plant care outside if there are frost-free areas where it can grow to 8 feet or more in height.
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Best Jade Plant Care Options

You can grow Jade plants in either sun or shade, which make them a simple plant that doesn’t need very much jade plant care when you plant it. It looks a bit different if it’s grown in sun or shade, however. In the sun the plan will have big bushy stems and red colored tips on the leaves and it sometimes has blooms.
But if you grow it in the shade, it is more spindly and the leaves are dark green with stems that are leggy looking. Even though it can be grown in both shade and sun, you have to move it gradually if you need to change it from one type of light to another type of light.
Jade plant care doesn’t require much water, so don’t overdo it. The Jade plant is a type of plant that if you didn’t water it for several weeks, then it will still thrive. Sometimes this plant needs such little jade plant care that it can last even several months and still survive. You should let the dirt in your jade plant get dry in-between each watering. If it is winter then you can water it less so it doesn’t get root rot.  If you treat your jade plant somewhat like a cactus plant, that is an example to follow so that it will grow and thrive.

Fertilizer for Jade Plants

The Jade plant is considered to be a succulent plant, which means it needs soil dirt that can drain quickly. You can plant a jade plant in cactus soil, add some sand, pumice or perlite to regular dirt. If you choose to transplant your jade plant, then it’s best to do it in the summer when it is warm outside.
You should also use fertilizer and give it a 10-20-20 mix of fertilizer every 2-3 months.

Making New Plants

New jade plants also don’t need much jade plant care and can be easily rooted using stem cuttings or using single leaves in the springtime. Just take a 5-10” inch cutting, and remove the lower leaves so you have a 1-2” cutting and then it should be dried for 2-7 days. Then, the cut will grow a scab over it and that will help new roots grow. Once the new roots grow, put the cutting about an inch or so deep into your moist soil mixture and keep it somewhat dry while it grows some new roots.
Or, you can make new jade plants using some of its leaves. Just take a leaf from one of the stems and let it dry and then put it in the dirt at a 30 degree angle so it covers the end of the leaf. Then, if you are lucky and give it the proper jade plant care in a few weeks you will have a new jade plant.

Jade Plants Need Dry Conditions

The Jade plant comes from South Africa, and it grows physically in dry circumstances and that is why it has such thick leaves, so it can hold it in the water. That’s why it doesn’t need much jade plant care.
The jade plant has a nickname of the “lucky plant” or “money plant.” If you want to keep your jade plant from becoming too heavy on top, then you will need to trim it a few times. The leaves tend to get pretty heavy and you can also tear off some of the buds if it looks too spindly so it will grow bushy again.
One thing to remember is that if you over water your jade plant it will rot and that is about the only way you can kill it that requires more jade plant care. If you suddenly notice roots falling off or rotting and leaves falling off then you might suspect root rot. So, don’t over water your jade plant and you won’t have to worry about killing it.

Jade Flowers

The jade plant sometimes grows little pink or white blooms and is very pretty if you are lucky enough to have this happen. It doesn’t happen very often when it is a houseplant, but if you grow it outside you will have a better chance.
All in all the jade plant doesn’t need much jade plant care and it is a nice plant for growing either inside or outside. It is easy to care for, looks nice and is a great choice for someone who wants plants but doesn’t have a lot of time to care for them.