Boskke Sky Planter 101

By: Sr vini

It might look weird and a little bit confusing to hang your plants upside down. Yes, upside down. Building a wonderful atmosphere in your house by this idea is entirely true and straightforward as well as an excellent concept. This idea won’t take up more space in your home, and it will also give your home a beautiful view.
So you may be thinking about how it’s possible and how this idea can be used. Oh, don’t worry, we did this job for you and wrote all about it. Let’s start then!

What Are Actually Boskke Sky Planters?

Sky planters are creative planters hanging upside down on ceiling hooks specially made for indoor gardening. For individuals who move more frequently, these planters are essentially more convenient because the planters have an advanced water storage tank that retains water and enables the plant roots to absorb water whenever appropriate. The lid system is the feature that holds the plant. The lid is cut out in the middle and lets the plant come out from the opening. The rest of the plant sections, such as the root and the soil, is captured inside—boskke sky planters are ceramic or recycled polypropylene planters that you can buy and plant your plants in.

Why Do I Need The Boskke Sky Planter?

As discussed above, Boskee eco sky planters are used to grow plants organically in a house that lacks surface space. But, individuals also use them to decorate their houses. Boskke sky planters come in various colours and designs and offer a better look and a calm environment to your home. Apart from this, you can breathe well and have a tension-free mind if you plant any air-purifying plants in them.
It would also be so cool if you were to plant herbs in them. In doing so, not only will you save space, but you will also have your own organically grown fresh herbs.
Boskke sky planters are a perfect water-saving idea and tool. They have a small tank that stores water and minimizes the need for water. When the holder gets empty, you need to water it again. That makes gardening more simple!

Best Plants for Sky Planter

The question now arises which plants are the best to plant in a Boskke sky planter. Well, the answer is simple. Try to grow plants like succulents, herbs, or some decorative vines that are small in size. Do not attempt to use the plants that make the planter heavy because if you do so, it increases the changes to make it fall.

How Do I Plant In A Sky Planter

Sky planter manufacturing companies provide manuals on how to use it. But even though for convenience, we are providing a quick guide on how do I plant in a sky planter.
  • First of all, unpack your product and keep it on the table with all the parts.
  • Now check for the slo-flo reservoir and make sure it is placed correctly and does not move.
  • Now choose the plant that you wish to plant in it.
  • Place the correct soil mixture into the planter according to the type of pant you are growing in.
  • Now cut the plastic mesh you are provided with and place the plant’s stem in it. The mesh would give support to the plant and even ensure that the soil does not fall.
  • Take the lid and close it by rotating it. This step is the last check to support the plant and soil.
  • Finally, take the stainless steel ceiling hook and install it in the planter. Securely invert the planter and hang it to the ceiling.

How Do I Water In A Sky Planter

At the top, the planter contains a reservoir filled with water. By the method of diffusion, the plants suck up the water. Therefore, you do not need to think about the method of watering. Just fill the tank, and the water will be taken upon its own by the plants. Water the next time, when the reservoir is empty.


It has been seen that sky planters not only look great, but they also help to purify the air around you. It is trending nowadays; that is why each individual is using it to grow organically. Apart from this, sky planters can be placed in a small area; therefore, individuals can use this idea to fulfill their gardening dream. So, keep gardening organically.