ᐅ Short 10 Lines Essay on Winter Vacation

By: Sr vini

Searching for a small essay on Winter Vacation? We Sincerely Hope Our Work Would Help Students in Their Success by Helping Scoring Good Grades in writing a few lines about Winter Vacation of your school homework.
  • My winter vacations are going on.
  • I have so many activities to do in these vacations.
  • I made a lot of drawings, sketches and paintings.
  • My mother cooks so many dishes during these vacations.
  • I have learnt many new things during winter vacation.
  • I went to Agra with my family for a picnic.
  • We enjoyed it a lot there.
  • I explored grand father’s farms where reaches had been built.
  • Winter vacation is the best time to relax and enjoy your own, family and friends the company of.
Short essay on winter vacation