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  • Summer season is the season of bright sunlight.
  • It is the hottest season.
  • I hate summer season
  • We got a variety of fruits in the summer season like mango, grapes.
  • Days are too long and nights are too short in the summer season.
  • Air is very warm this season.
  • People wear very light clothes in this season.
  • It is a hot period where crops grow better.
  • There are reduced rates of Heart Attacks in summer.
Short essay on summer season

Short Few Lines Essay on Summer Season for Class 1,2,3,4,5

  • Summer comes once a year.
  • Children are discharged from school this season.
  • The summer season lasts from April to July.
  • In this season the days become larger and the nights shorter.
  • The king of fruits mango is found only in the summer season.
  • This season comes only a few days after Holi.
  • Whenever it is hot, the river and pond dry up.
  • The summer season has too much heat.
  • It is good to drink coconut water in this season.
  • The festival of Baisakhi comes in the summer season itself.