ᐅ Short 10 Lines Essay on My School Bag for Kids

By: Sr vini

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  • I have a light pink school bag.
  • I bring my school bag to school daily.
  • I pack my school bag very properly and neatly.
  • It has a print of Hannah Montana.
  • It has many small pockets and zippers to carry my things.
  • I keep my lunch box inside my school bag.
  • I keep all my books & note-books inside my school bag.
  • I keep my stationery inside the small pocket of my school bag.
  • I keep my water bottle at the side zip of my school bag.
  • My school bag is very lovely.
Short essay on my school bag

My School Bag Essay Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • My school bag is very beautiful.
  • I have a school bag in red.
  • Doraemon is printed on my school bag.
  • I keep my book in my school bag.
  • I carry the lunch box in the school bag.
  • My bag is made of cloth.
  • My bag has two chains forward and two inside.
  • There is also a place to keep a water bottle in my bag.
  • I love my school bag too much.
  • No one has a school bag like mine.