ᐅ Short 10 Lines Essay on My Classroom for Kids

By: Sr vini

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  • I read in class 2nd.
  • My classroom is very big.
  • My classroom is very ventilated and air conditioned.
  • There are 20 branches for the students in my classroom.
  • There is a chair and table for the teacher.
  • Chalk and duster are also available in my classroom.
  • There is a big blackboard in my classroom.
  • My classroom is well-painted and has an alphabetic pattern on the walks.
  • My classroom has two doors and four fans.
  • I like to study & read in my classroom.
Short essay on my classroom

My Classroom Essay For Class 1,2,3,4,5  – 10 Lines Essay For Kids

  • My classroom is very clean and tidy.
  • It has benches for 30 children.
  • Good things are written on the walls of my classroom.
  • There is a white black board in my classroom.
  • There is also a projector in my classroom.
  • It has two fans forward and two fans behind.
  • There is a big window next to my classroom.
  • In this classroom there is an almari in which the books are kept.
  • There is a big tubelight in my classroom.
  • There is a nice atmosphere in my classroom.