Planning Quotes

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Setting a Goal Is Not the Main Thing. It Is Deciding How You Will Go About Achieving It and Staying with That Plan

Career Planning Quotes

If You Don’t Have a Plan, You Become Part of Somebody Else’s Plan


Our Goals Can Only Be Reached Through a Vehicle of a Plan, in Which We Must Fervently Believe, and Upon Which We Must Vigorously Act. There Is No Other Route to Success

Future Planning Quotes

It Is Not the Strongest of the Species That Survive, Not the Most Intelligent, but the One Most Responsive to Change

Proper Planning Quotes

Every Minute You Spend in Planning Saves 10 Minutes in Execution; This Gives You a 1,000 Percent Return on Energy

If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, You’ll End Up Someplace Else

Long Term Planning Quotes

If You Don’t Know Exactly Where You’re Going, How Will You Know When You Get There?

Lack of Planning Quotes

Never Look Back Unless You Are Planning to Go That Way

Strategic Planning Quotes

The Problem with Being Clever, Serene Thought with a Sigh, Is That Everyone Assumes You’re Always Planning Something

When You Do the Things in the Present That You Can See, You Are Shaping the Future That You Are Yet to See

Good Planning Quotes

A City Always Contains More Than Any Inhabitant Can Know, and a Great City Always Makes the Unknown and the Possible Spurs to the Imagination

Urban Planning Quotes

Planning Is for the World’s Great Cities, for Paris, London, and Rome, for Cities Dedicated, at Some Level, to Culture. Detroit, on the Other Hand, Was an American City and Therefore Dedicated to Money, and So Design Had Given Way to Expediency
Jeffrey Eugenides

Get Up Earlier and Take Some Time to Plan Your Day. Every Extra Minute You Spend Planning Will Add More Time and Power to Your Life

Financial Planning Quotes

All Successful People Men and Women Are Big Dreamers. They Imagine What Their Future Could Be, Ideal in Every Respect, and Then They Work Every Day Toward Their Distant Vision, That Goal or Purpose
Brian Tracy

Project Planning Quotes

Give Me Six Hours to Chop Down a Tree and I Will Spend the First Four Sharpening the Axe

Importance of Planning Quotes

A Good Plan Is Like a Road Map: It Shows the Final Destination and Usually the Best Way to Get There

The Very Least You Can Do in Your Life Is to Figure Out What You Hope For. and the Most You Can Do Is Live Inside That Hope. Not Admire It from a Distance, but Live Right in It, Under Its Roof
Shannon Alder

Goal Planning Quotes

Plans Are of Little Importance, but Planning Is Essential

A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish

A Man May Plant a Tree for a Number of Reasons. Perhaps He Likes Trees. Perhaps He Wants Shelter. or Perhaps He Knows That Someday He May Need the Firewood
Joanne Harris

Planning Quotes
Planning Quote

The Reason Most People Never Reach Their Goals Is That They Don’t Define Them, or Ever Seriously Consider Them as Believable or Achievable. Winners Can Tell You Where They Are Going, What They Plan to Do Along the Way, and Who Will Be Sharing the Adventure with Them

Success Planning Quotes

I Can’t Change the Direction of the Wind, but I Can Adjust My Sails to Always Reach My Destination

Life Is an Event. Make It Memorable.
Life’s a Party.
Make Occasion Unforgettable.
Make It Happen.
Nobody Does It Better

Party Planning Quotes

The Power of Imagination Makes Us Infinite

Event Planning Quotes

a Great Event Manager Makes Even the Host Feel Like a Guest

Don’t Respond Immediately to Requests or Statements That Upset You

Wedding Planning Quotes

Preparation for Old Age Should Begin Not Later Than One’s Teens. a Life Which Is Empty of Purpose Until 65 Will Not Suddenly Become Filled on Retirement

Retirement Planning Quotes

Don’t Act Your Age in Retirement. Act Like the Inner Young Person You Have Always Been
J. A. West