I Will Prepare and Some Day My Chance Will Come
Abraham Lincoln

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Quotes

I Believe That Every Single Event in Life Happens in an Opportunity to Choose Love Over Fear
Oprah Winfrey


Lost Opportunity Quotes

Prepare Yourself in Every Way You Can by Increasing Your Knowledge and Adding to Your Experience, So That You Can Make the Most of Opportunity When It Occurs
Mario Andretti

Take Advantage of Opportunity Quotes

Sometimes Opportunities Float Right Past Your Nose. Work Hard, Apply Yourself, and Be Ready. When an Opportunity Comes You Can Grab It
Julie Andrews

I Believe Luck Is Preparation Meeting Opportunity. If You Hadn’t Been Prepared When the Opportunity Came Along, You Wouldn’t Have Been Lucky
Oprah Winfrey

New Job Opportunity Quotes

Opportunity Does Not Waste Time with Those Who Are Unprepared
Idowu Koyenikan

Change and Opportunity Quotes

I Knew That in the Silence That Followed, That Anything Could Happen Here. It Might Be Too Late Again. I Might Have Missed My Chance. but I Would at Least Know I Tried, That I Took My Heart and Extended My Hand, Whatever the Outcome
Sarah Dessen

God Opportunity Quotes

No Matter How Small You Start, Always Dream Big
Stephen Richards

Job Opportunity Quotes

A Pessimist Sees the Difficulty in Every Opportunity; an Optimist Sees the Opportunity in Every Difficulty
Winston Churchill

Hunger for Opportunity Quotes

The Chinese Use Two Brush Strokes to Write the Word ‘Crisis.’ One Brush Stroke Stands for Danger; the Other for Opportunity. in a Crisis, Be Aware of the Danger–But Recognize the Opportunity
John F. Kennedy

Best Opportunity Quotes

Do Not Despise Your Own Place and Hour. Every Place Is Under the Stars, Every Place Is the Center of the World
John Burroughs

Equal Opportunity Quotes

How Much I Missed, Simply Because I Was Afraid of Missing It
Paulo Coelho

Fear and Opportunity Quotes

To Dream by Night Is to Escape Your Life. to Dream by Day Is to Make It Happen
Stephen Richards

Opportunity Quotes and Sayings

It Is Not Time or Opportunity That Is to Determine Intimacy;—it Is Disposition Alone. Seven Years Would Be Insufficient to Make Some People Acquainted with Each Other, and Seven Days Are More Than Enough for Others
Jane Austen

Seize the Opportunity Quotes

There Are Two Benefits of Failures, If You Do Fail, You Learn What Doesn’t Work, and Second the Failure Gives You an Opportunity to Try a New Approach
Destiny Madu

Better Opportunity Quotes

Let Me Tell Ya. You Gotta Pay Attention to Signs. When Life Reaches Out with a Moment Like This It’s a Sin If You Don’t Reach Back… I’m Telling You
Matthew Quick

Life Is Made Up of a Series of Tests, Trials, and Great Opportunities. Some Are Momentary, but Most Take Endurance

Life Opportunity Quotes

Michael K. Simpson

Someone’s Sitting in the Shade Today Because Someone Planted a Tree a Long Time Ago
Warren Buffett

Opportunities Are Usually Disguised as Hard Work, So Most People Don’t Recognize Them
Ann Landers

New Opportunity Quotes

If Somebody Offers You an Amazing Opportunity but You Are Not Sure You Can Do It, Say Yes – Then Learn How to Do It Later
Richard Branson

Ready for Opportunity Quotes

Every New Opportunity in Life Remains Only Potential Until You Take That First Step Forward
Richard Daly

Most People Miss Great Opportunities Because of Their Misperception of Time. Don’t Wait! the Time Will Never Be Just Right
Stephen C. Hogan

Missed Opportunity Quotes

Failure Is an Opportunity.
If You Blame Someone Else,
There Is No End to the Blame.
Therefore the Master
Fulfills Her Own Obligations
and Corrects Her Own Mistakes.
She Does What She Needs to Do
and Demands Nothing of Others

You Can’t Outwit Fate by Standing on the Sidelines Placing Little Side Bets About the Outcome of Life… If You Don’t Play You Can’t Win
Judith Mcnaught

Business Opportunity Quotes

The Future Depends on What You Do Today
Mahatma Gandhi

Opportunity Quotes

Expect Change. Analyze the Landscape. Take the Opportunities. Stop Being the Chess Piece; Become the Player. It’s Your Move
Tony Robbins

Window of Opportunity Quotes

Men Make History and Not the Other Way Around. in Periods Where There Is No Leadership, Society Stands Still. Progress Occurs When Courageous Skilful Leaders Seize the Opportunity to Change Things for the Better
Harry S. Truman

Great Opportunity Quotes

An Entrepreneur Is Someone Who Is Always on the Lookout for Problems That Can Be Turned into Opportunities and Finds Creative Ways to Leverage Limited Resources to Reach Their Goals
Tina Seelig

Opportunity Quotes

It’s Through Curiosity and Looking at Opportunities in New Ways That We’ve Always Mapped Our Path.
Michael Dell