My Favourite Subject Maths Essay for Class 1,2,3,4,5 – 10 Lines Essay for Kids

By: Sr vini

10 lines on my favourite subject Maths

  • Mathematics is my favourite subject in school. 
  • Mathematics is a very interesting subject. 
  • Maths is all about calculations and solving problems. 
  • What I love about Maths, is that it is not theoretical and based on logic. 
  • Most students don’t like  mathematics. 
  • They are afraid of solving math queries as it seems it’s very tough. 
  • I love to enjoy calculating math problems in my school. 
  • I always get the best marks in all my maths exams. 
  • Math also teaches us this beautiful life lesson, not to quit, keep trying and you will get the solution of your problem. 
  • I love maths and always keep reading and solving mathematics problems. 
essay on my favourite subject Maths