My Favourite Food Biryani Essay for Class 1,2,3,4,5 – 10 Lines Essay for Kids

By: Sr vini

10 lines on My favourite food biryani

  • I love eating various different foods. 
  • But biryani is my favourite dish. 
  • Biryani is made up of rice especially and other veggies. 
  • Biryani have many different kinds like chicken biryani, plane biryani, dum aloo biryani etc. 
  • Biryani is basically a muglai dish. But I liked it the most. 
  • Whenever We go outside to eat dinner, I always order a different kind of biryani. 
  • Biryani is a very healthy and delicious dish. 
  • You can eat biryani in lunch and dinner as well. 
  • I am fond of this biryani dish.
  • I always force my family members to order biryani when we go outside for dinner. 
My Favourite Food Biryani Essay