Ice-cream Man Essay for Class 1,2,3,4,5 – 10 Lines Essay for Kids

By: Sr vini

10 lines about An Ice cream Man

  • A man who sells ice cream to the children in his cart is called an ice-cream man. 
  • Kids got excited when they listened to his tinkling of bells in their street. 
  • He always comes with the hope of getting ice cream for children. 
  • He usually carries a cart filled with different ice cream varieties. 
  • He comes with different color ice creams and cons. 
  • An ice cream man usually distributes ice creams in each street where he lives. 
  • Children love the ice cream man from their heart. 
  • They are poor Or middle classed men who sell ice creams for their living. 
  • We should respect these people, as they bring a smile to our children’s faces.
  • Whenever you see an ice-cream man in your street, respect him and care for his feelings. 
Ice-cream Man Essay