Farmer Quotes

Agriculture Is Our Wisest Pursuit, Because It Will in the End Contribute Most to Real Wealth, Good Morals, and Happiness
Thomas Jefferson


Farmer Quotes

No Countryman Ever Speaks to an Animal Without Blaspheming It, Although If He Be Engaged in Some Solitary Work and Inspired to Music, He Invariably Sings a Hymn in a Voice That Seems to Have Some Vague Association with Wood Pulp
A.e. Coppard
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Cultivators of the Earth Are the Most Valuable Citizens. They Are the Most Vigorous, the Most Independent, the Most Virtuous, and They Are Tied to Their Country and Wedded to Its Liberty and Interests by the Most Lasting Bonds
Thomas Jefferson
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Farming Is a Matter of Dirt and Dung. It Is Not the Kind of Thing We Look to To Find the Meaning of Human Life. It Is Too Ordinary, Too Inescapably a Part of Life to Be Interesting. We Know That It Has to Be Done, but See No Reason to Pay Much Attention to It. but It Is Just Because Farming Is Inescapably a Part of Human Life That It May Provide a Clue to What Is Most Basically Human, and So a Clue to Our Place Within the Cosmos
Stephanie Nelson
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It Feels Good at the End of the Day to Know You Made a Product That Other People Are Going to Enjoy
Jericho Sanchez
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The Farmer Is the Only Man in Our Economy Who Buys Everything at Retail, Sells Everything at Wholesale, and Pays the Freight Both Ways
John F. Kennedy
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My Dream Is to Become a Farmer. Just a Bohemian Guy Pulling Up His Own Sweet Potatoes for Dinner
Lenny Kravitz
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The Soil Is the Great Connector of Lives, the Source and Destination of All. It Is the Healer and Restorer and Resurrector, by Which Disease Passes into Health, Age into Youth, Death into Life. Without Proper Care for It We Can Have No Community, Because Without Proper Care for It We Can Have No Life.    
Wendell Berry
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Agriculture Is the Foundation of Manufactures, Since the Productions of Nature Are the Materials of Art
Edward Gibbon
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A Good Farmer Is Nothing More nor Less Than a Handy Man with a Sense of Humus.    
E. B. White
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Farming Isn’t a Battle Against Nature, but a Partnership with It. It Is Respecting the Basics of Nature in Action and Ensuring That They Continue
Jeff Koehler
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Let Us Not Forget That the Cultivation of the Earth Is the Most Important Labor of Man. When Tillage Begins, Other Arts Will Follow. the Farmers, Therefore, Are the Founders of Civilization
Daniel Webster
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Future Farmers of America. Group Who Take Ag Classes and Are Going to Inherit the Farm. Hot Shit Around Here, They Have a Couple Guys in Every Clique, and They Stick Together, 'Cause They Know They'll Be Seeing Each Other Every Week for the Next Sixty Years
John Barnes
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A Farmer Is a Magician Who Produces Money from the Mud
Because to a Farmer Dirt Is Not a Waste, It Is Wealth
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Proud Farmer Quotes

The Farm Is Part of Me
Erich Wehrenberg

We Are Passionate About What We Do. We Love Our Cows and Are Happy to Produce a Healthy Wholesome Product Like Milk
Dale Jones
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Whether It's on the Tractor or in the Pasture with the Cows, I Just Love Being Able to Take My Kids to Work When I Need to
Will Collier