Essay on Onam Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

By: Sr vini

  • Onam is a major festival in South India.
  • This festival is mainly celebrated in Kerala.
  • In memory of King Bali, celebrate this festival.
  • On this day, dishes are made in people’s homes.
  • These festivals are celebrated every year on the Shravan Nakshatra.
  • Onam means Shravan Nakshatra in Malayalam language.
  • It is a wish that on this day the king comes to see the sacrificial subjects.
  • On the day of Onam, people make Rangoli in their homes.
  • On the day of Onam, everyone wears a new dress.
  • Elephant race is organized on Onam day itself.

Essay on Onam