Essay on Means of Transport Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

By: Sr vini

10 Lines on Means of Transport

  • Transport is a very important factor for trading and business survival. 
  • It is very important to carry the product and goods from factory to the consumers. 
  • There are several modes of transportation used in India- Road, Air, Water, Railway, pipeline etc. 
  • Road transport is very flexible because of its short distances. 
  • Railway transport is a widely used method for transportation of goods because it is the cheapest transport. 
  • Air transport is also used for costly products and for large distances like international exports and imports. 
  • Water transport is the oldest method of transport in India. 
  • It is used for heavy materials and big shipments. 
  • Pipeline transport is used for oil and gas transportation between different states. 
  • An efficient transportation helps in improving the economic growth of a country. 
Essay on Means of Transport