Essay on Jal Mahal Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

By: Sr vini

  • Jal Mahal literally means ‘fort of water’.
  • It is located in Jaipur city of Rajasthan.
  • It depicts Rajput and Mughal style of architecture.
  • It was built by Raja Jai ​​Singh of Amer in 1750 AD.
  • This Jal Mahal is situated right in the middle of the common ocean.
  • Jal Mahal is made entirely of red sandstone.
  • Millions of tourists come every year to see the Jal Mahal.
  • People from abroad also come to see Jal Mahal.
  • It is very beautiful and is covered with water from all around.
  • When the lake is overfilled, its four floors are submerged.

Essay on Jal Mahal