Essay on Importance of Time Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

By: Sr vini

10 lines on Importance of Time

  • Time is a very precious thing in the world. 
  • This is a saying that “you buy everything with money, but you can’t buy time”. 
  • Money we spent we can earn back, but time we lost, it’s gone, it will never come back. 
  • This quality of time makes it more valuable and priceless. 
  • Basically time is used to quantify, measure and compare the duration between the events. 
  • We can schedule our daily routine work with the help of time. 
  • Time is also very precious for students too, they can make their routines of study for getting better results. 
  • The time which has gone is called the past, now it’s the present and tomorrow will be the future. 
  • Along generations, everything is measured in time. 
  • So don’t waste your time, utilize it by doing something valuable and kind. 

Essay on Importance of Time