Curiosity Quotes

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We Keep Moving Forward, Opening New Doors and Doing New Things, Because We’re Curious,and Curiosity Keeps Leading Us Down New Paths
Walt Disney


Curiosity About Life in All of Its Aspects, I Think, Is Still the Secret of Great Creative People

Intellectual Curiosity Quotes
Intellectual Curiosity

Curiosity Is More Important Than Knowledge

Albert Einstein Curiosity Quotes

Curiosity Is One of the Most Valuable Characteristics One Can Possess. When Coupled with Fearlessness and Determination, That’s Freedom

As Long as You’re Interested in People and Things, That Curiosity Propels You Forward
Joanna Coles

Curiosity Quote

Pay Attention to Those Employees Who Respectfully Ask Why. They Are Demonstrating an Interest in Their Jobs and Exhibiting a Curiosity That Could Eventually Translate into Leadership Ability

Curiosity Quotes

Millions Saw the Apple Fall, but Newton Asked Why

Kids Curiosity Quotes

Knowing the Answers Will Help You in School. Knowing How to Question Will Help You in Life
Warren Berger

Kids Curiosity Quote

You Can’t Just Give Someone a Creativity Injection. You Have to Create an Environment for Curiosity and a Way to Encourage People and Get the Best Out of Them

Education Curiosity Quotes

Never Be Limited by Other People’s Limited Imaginations.
Mae Jemison

Education Curiosity Quotes

There Is No Doubt That Creativity Is the Most Important Human Resource of All. Without Creativity, There Would Be No Progress, and We Would Be Forever Repeating the Same Patterns

Famous Curiosity Quotes

A Map Does Not Just Chart, It Unlocks and Formulates Meaning; It Forms Bridges Between Here and There, Between Disparate Ideas That We Did Not Know Were Previously Connected
Reif Larsen

Famous Curiosity Quote

If You Can Let Go of Passion and Follow Your Curiosity, Your Curiosity Just Might Lead You to Your Passion

Curiosity Quotes Einstein

The Important Thing Is Not to Stop Questioning. Curiosity Has Its Own Reason for Existence. One Cannot Help but Be in Awe When He Contemplates the Mysteries of Eternity, of Life, of the Marvelous Structure of Reality. It Is Enough If One Tries Merely to Comprehend a Little of This Mystery Each Day

Albert Einstein
Einstein Curiosity Quotes

Science Is Fun. Science Is Curiosity. We All Have Natural Curiosity. Science Is a Process of Investigating. It’s Posing Questions and Coming Up with a Method. It’s Delving in

Sally Ride
Science Curiosity Quote

The First and Simplest Emotion Which We Discover in the Human Mind, Is Curiosity

Children Curiosity Quotes

It’s Not a Silly Question If You Can’t Answer It

Children Curiosity


Free Curiosity Has Greater Power to Stimulate Learning Than Rigorous Coercion. Nevertheless, the Free Ranging Flux of Curiosity Is Channeled by Discipline Under Your Law

Children Curiosity Quote

I Had Discovered That Learning Something, No Matter How Complex, Wasn’t Hard When I Had a Reason to Want to Know It

Homer Hickam
Positive Curiosity Quotes

I Think, at a Child’s Birth, If a Mother Could Ask a Fairy Godmother to Endow It with the Most Useful Gift, That Gift Would Be Curiosity

Eleanor Roosevelt
Curiosity Quotes

A Person Who Is Too Nice an Observer of the Business of the Crowd, Like One Who Is Too Curious in Observing the Labor of Bees, Will Often Be Stung for His Curiosity

Great Curiosity Quotes

The Uncreative Mind Can Spot Wrong Answers, but It Takes a Very Creative Mind to Spot Wrong Questions

The Public Have an Insatiable Curiosity to Know Everything, Except What Is Worth Knowing
Oscar Wilde

Human Curiosity Quotes
Human Curiosity