ᐅ BEST 10 Lines Essay About My House in English

By: Sr vini

Short few lines essay on my house for class 1,2,3,4,5

Searching for a small essay on my house? We sincerely hope our work would help students in their success by helping scoring good grades in writing a few lines about my house homework.

10 Lines on My House

  1. My House is so beautiful from inside.
  2. There are two rooms at my house.
  3. There are two bathrooms and one kitchen at my house.
  4. We are 4 family members living at my house.
  5. There is a small garden at my house.
  6. All rooms are so big and well-ventilated.
  7. I live with my family at my house.
  8. In my house, there is a small drawing room for the guests.
  9. My house is small because of my small family.
  10. I want to build my house for my family.

Essay on My House Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • My house is very big and beautiful.
  • I have a lot of toys in my house.
  • My house has two rooms down and two up.
  • The walls of my house have red, white and pink paint.
  • My house falls in the Paush area of ​​Kurukshetra.
  • There is also a big house of worship in my house.
  • There is a kitchen in my house where a lot of dishes are made.
  • There is also a beautiful garden behind my house.
  • There is also a swing for me in that garden.
  • My house has a terrace where I play.