10 Lines on Rainy Season in English for Kids

By: Sr vini

  • Rainy season is the type of weather.
  • It occurs every year.
  • In this season rain occurs.
  • It is also known as wet season.
  • It cleans the surroundings..
  • Rainy Season comes in the months from June to September.
  • It refreshes the environment.
  • Cool breezes start blowing this season.
  • Greenery gets spread everywhere.
  • Rainy Season is a very pleasant season.
Short 10 lines essay on rainy season
few sentences on rainy season

Short Few Lines Essay on Rainy Season for Class 1,2,3,4,5

  • The rainy season is one of the seasons of India.
  • The sun is rarely seen during the rainy season.
  • The clouds are dark, dense and filled with water.
  • In the rainy season, the frogs in the ponds sound tur tur.
  • In the rainy season, there are floods in the rivers and streams.
  • In the rainy season, the trees become more green.
  • The crop of the farmers depends on this season.
  • If it does not rain, people will not get food grains.
  • In the rainy season people walk with an umbrella.
  • Dumplings are often made in people’s homes during this season.